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Sep 30, 2012
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  1. I have connected multiple monitors before. The usual way was to connect one monitor to VGA port and the other to DVI port.
    Now I got video card that has DVI, HDMI and display port connections only. And I got two monitors. One only has VGA port and the other has DVI and VGA ports. I thought of using a DVI splitter cable but was told that the two monitors would simply be mirrored. Which isn't what I want. I was also told that even if I get an adapter for HDMI port to DVI the monitors would be mirrored still. Even though one monitor would be connected through DVI port and the other through HDMI. Is this true? Doesn't seem to be. I think I had a dual monitor setup once where I connected one to HDMI and the other to DVI, without them being mirrored.
    The only option, it seems, is for me to get a display port splitter.
    Am I right?

    Before I am gonna get told to get a different monitor. This ones work just fine for me. In fact the one with only VGA port does 1920x1080 resolution. Believe it or not it is HD.

  2. cliffordcooley

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    You need to find out if your card is capable of supplying VGA signaling. If I'm not mistaken the DVI port, is the only port capable of supplying VGA signaling. If your card does not supply VGA signaling, you will need to purchase a VGA to DVI/HDMI converter box or a new DVI/HDMI monitor.

    If you are unsure of whether your card supports VGA signaling, post which card you have and we can look it up for you.

    If the DVI port is the only port that supplies VGA signaling, you will need to use a DVI to VGA adapter for the VGA monitor.
    Then use a HDMI to DVI converter to connect the DVI monitor to the HDMI port
  3. Vollezar

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    I am using DVI to VGA converter for my main monitor. It is the only one connected right now. The other monitor has DVI port but I can't use it now. So my question is: if I get HDMI to DVI adapter and plug my second monitor there, would monitors be mirroring each other or will I have an option to extend the desktop to the second monitor? Or would it be simply easier for me to get a DisplayPort to DVI splitter and then connect both monitors there?

    Sorry I wasn't clearer with the first post. Guess I had a brain fart.
  4. cliffordcooley

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    Simple answer is no unless you want it to be. You will have the option for displaying to either one, spanning, or duplicating the screen.

    How ever to fall back on what you were told about mirroring, the splitter you mentioned would simply duplicate the same signal across two ports. In order to span across multiple monitors you would need multiple signals, one for each monitor. Using port splitters will not give you independent signals, they will only duplicated signals. The ports on your card can be used for independent displays.
  5. Vollezar

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    Excellent. Thank You. That's what I thought originally. I went out to look for an HDMI to DVI adapter yesterday and a supposed tech confused me by saying that if I use HDMI and DVI ports at the same time I can only do mirroring. It didn't really make sense to me. But I took his word at it.
    But I remember now that my last dual screen setup was: one screen connected to DVI and the other to HDMI and I had an option to either extend or create separate desktops. Extending is what I did.
    Thanks again.

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