Need help finding drivers for two laptops I just bought please

By terry5880
Jun 26, 2012
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  1. Hi all just bought dell latitude d400 formatted it which is windows xp but in device manager its missing the internet drivers like lan also controller etc please help .. also other 1 is toshiba satellite M70-144 same as other 1 formatted and now need all lan drivers etc any help much appreciated
  2. mike1959

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    Hi, If the PC's are as built by the manufacturer, I.e. not modified with different boards or components, then you should be able to get all the original drivers from the maker's websites.
    With Dell pc's there should be a service tag on the case which would shortcut a lot of questions on their site.
    The 'auto detect' feature is usually best on these sites, the Dell version I use for my own, the Toshiba site is no doubt similar.
    In your case you can't connect to the net, so you will have to get the drivers downloaded on another pc and save them to flash memory stick then transfer them over to the other pc's.
    The Dell site is at;
  3. terry5880

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    thanks so much for your help .. some main sites are not able to give driver and been noticing lately that laptops I buy and go to site for the drivers when putting in the model number when I get to that bit it says not recognised which is strange lol
  4. c3h899

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    For small projects this is overkill, but when you run into large amounts of trouble frequently raid DriverPacks ( ) it's a community ran project that aims to provide support for most known hardware. I doubt it to fix all your problems but 2 is far less than 10 or 20.

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