Need Help Getting Out Of The Raid Setup

By cableman
Nov 1, 2014
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  1. A few months ago I thought I got a great deal on a Dell Precision T5400 with dual quad 2.5GHz processor and 32 MB of RAM upgradable to over 100MB. It also came with 2 750 GB hard drives but before I figured out that the second drive was just a data recorder set up in a RAID formation in order to safely keep sensitive data safer by duplicating it on a second drive.

    Well, the second hard drive went out and I had to re- install Windows on the first drive and I thought everything would be allright but then the first drive went out also. I have 3 choices in the bios to change this setup. 1.) RAID Auto Detect / AHCI 2.)RAID Autodetect / ATA or 3.) RAID On

    Obviously I want the RAID off but it looks like I have to reformat my hard drives to make that happen and I don't know how. Can someone please help me fix my computer back to normal. With this system I ought to have some serious power put together right. I already have an 80gb new solid state drive but I don't want to mess things up before I put my operating system on the solid state for quick start ups and then add a couple of large hard drives for my large data. Also upgrading the video card.

    Can someone help me straighten this mess out because I am afraid I may need a certain format to keep this from happening again and I am in uncharted waters.
  2. nickc

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    If u are only going to have one drive for the OS u need the raid turned off. just make sure to install programs on the other D: drive.
  3. verneronomous

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    On the Dell Server you wil have to atually boot into the RAID controller which if I remember correctly f4 at boot up. Once in there you can disable RAID. You will have to reformat your drives because once installed in RAID the drives partitions are set up differently than your standard windows installation. If it isnt f4 button at start up google your server raid controller and see what the key is used to boot into it. Hope this helps....

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