Need help HP 6715s

By desigabri
Aug 8, 2009
  1. hi
    I brought a non working HP 6715s on eBay.
    The Owner wrote that Notebook sometime turned on and sometime not. He shelled it but then came back because the buyer sayd it never turn on.
    The item is arrived to me in a condition that you can see by the pictures. What you'll not see is the broken botton that I desoldered to understand better the problems and the problem I found.
    Someone, i don't know if the owner or the buyer who got back the item to the owner, one of them broke some tracks with a screwdriver or other tool. The problem is that I'm not able to see which were the original connections.

    I need some suggestion or other pictures about this part of the board exactly next to the power connector.

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  2. strategic

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    Sorry, I tried looking all over the place to see if I could find any pictures and no luck so far (yours were the better of them all). How old is the laptop? I have an HP laptop which is about 5 years old-but I have access to a 'twin' which I may be able to disassemble to inspect. Is there any way you can clean the area to see what's going on? Maybe poke it a couple times with a multitester to check for continuity? If sometimes it worked/sometimes not, maybe there is something loose that a continuity check can find...
  3. desigabri

    desigabri TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thanks Strategic,
    What you can see into the pictures are the pads for the "On/Off" switch (desoldered) and a large and depth abrasion into the board (it is brown color). I suppose Someone did it with a screwdriver or maybe with a solder, I'm not sure about it. There are two little tracks that seems they were connected togheter (double switch parallel connected) and two big tracks with holes to connect the other side. I can't realize if big tracks and the little ones were connected in some ways. I tryed to push in that place searching for brocken connections and soldering and I can't see anything working like battery led or fans. I found voltage so connector is working and I haven't seen other clear problems...
    I found it is a model solt starting from 2003 or 2004 so it should be about 5 years old.
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