Need help installing win xp pro sp2

By ronjon1986
Jun 20, 2009
  1. Im trying to install win xp pro sp2 on a computer that already has win xp home.
    when I go to boot from the win xp pro cd it just stops. sometimes it gets to the part about pressing a ket to boot from cd but most of the time it does not. so basicly it just freezes up when trying to boot up the xp pro sp2 cd. I just bought the window xp pro and tried it on my laptop just to make sure it was not the disk, but it started booting up on my laptop. So i need help if there is any one who can help me i would appreciate it very much.

    - the motherboard is a syntax sv266ad socket A
    - the motherboard I have is a few years old I was wondering if updating the BIOS could fix the problem.

  2. Powerman

    Powerman TS Rookie

    Well the BIOS would have very little if not thing to do with this, you can go into you CMOS and set it to boot from CD first, then that should work, May I also suggest backing up any data you may want to keep.
  3. ronjon1986

    ronjon1986 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    problem installing win xp pro

    Yeah thats what im saying I have already set the computer to boot from the cd-rom in the cmos.
    When it goes to boot from the cd-rom though it freezes it doesnt do anything. It get's to the part where it say's press any key to boot from cd but nothing happens it just stops stays on that same screen. I have tried the win xp cd on my laptop and it procedes to setup so I know its not the windows cd.

  4. gobw2

    gobw2 TS Rookie

    Well, you got me to register on this site so I can reply!
    SP2 is old - SP3 has been around for a while. Has later drivers. You should be installing SP3, but if you get SP2 installed, go to windows update and download 3 - will take a while.

    A clean install is best, and should solve your problem - scan everything for malware, viruses, trojans, etc. unplug internet cable. Back-up, format with current os. restart with CD - now it does not see a previous installation. reformat with cd - NOT the quick format. Install and reload other software, including all your virus software, then plug in internet cable. Go online,, load "windows defender" too - Microsoft product - works great with XP of course. It is included in Vista. Download SP3 and all the hotfixes, updates, patches etc. when you are done, look for updated drivers for everything. Turn on windows update so your machine gets latest bug or spyware fixes.
    This takes hours, but when you are done, you have a clean registry, all the old junk is gone, and your machine will run like new.
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