need help picking out second video card

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Apr 30, 2007
  1. tha17

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    ok i was looking at that video card and all of the reviews said that it was the hottest thing in their case...should i get another fan or 2?

    also i am not going to be able to get the computer untill late june...i dont know how much the "new cards" are and when they get released but ya...just thought i would tell you that and do you know how many USB ports i have?
  2. Wagan8r

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    There's never any harm in putting another fan or two your case. Just keep in mind that the more fans you put in, the louder your computer will be. If you get the 8800 gts, it would be a good idea to put in another fan. I just realized that the power supply in the case I recommended doesn't come with a 6-pin PCI-Express connector, which you will need for the 8800 gts.Here's another case that does. It is a little bit more expensive though. The motherboard I recommended comes with 4 USB ports (so they will be in the back of the computer) and the new case has 1 in the front.

    Since you won't be getting your computer until June, the prices for all the components will probably drop a little. Just be sure to post back here before you buy your computer so you don't accidentally buy something wrong (I've done that on several occasions!).
  3. CMH

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    At this very moment, we can only speculate about how good DX10 really is. There are no games out there yet utilizing this. Thats all I'm going to say about DX10 at the moment.

    If you can wait till june/july, its best to get back here then, as we're expecting a whole new batch of graphics cards sometime this month.

    If you're torn between the 8800gts and the X1950XT, I'd actually recommend the 8800gts. However, only a handful of people would recommend getting something from the 8600 series over anything else, as its a really crap series straight from release. We'll be waiting for the ATI DX10 midrange cards, hopefully they aren't anywhere near as crap.

    Like I mentioned, the motherboard I picked is a midrange motherboard, you might be interested in something a little lower end. The abit motherboard should suit your needs, but my interest really lies in mid-high end. Which is why I somewhat disagree with wagan8r saying that most motherboards come with onboard graphics....

    About on board graphics, it is true that most motherboards out there today have onboard graphics. But this takes into account all those Dells, eMachines, office machines, etc, where all that the owner does with the computer is word processing, surfing, music, some movies.... Not gaming. In a forum like this one, where enthusiasts gather, motherboards with on-board graphics will come out in our comversations RARELY. 90% of motherboards recommended here will NOT have on-board graphics.

    Also, we're getting into very nitty gritty stuff here (except for the DX10 graphics card issue). If you might foray into overclocking, get one of the motherboards I recommended (the cheaper one would be fine). My views on DX10 is that its a marketing gimmick right now, we won't see much difference between DX9 and DX10 cards for quite awhile IMO.

    p.s. I didn't recommend the X1950XT in the sense of the word, I just said its not too bad a suggestion. I should've checked prices with the 8800gts.
  4. Wagan8r

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    I agree that there is no proof that DX10 is better than DX9. Debating whether DX10 is any better than DX9 is really irrelevant. The fact is that sometime in the near future, games will require DX10. That's all. I also agree that the 8600 series is pretty dissappointing (I was hoping for 64 sp, 512Mb, 256-bit!). I only recommended it because of the limited funds of tha17 and because it's DX10.

    Wow, I didn't know that I would strike such a nerve! LOL. Although, I can't say that tha17 is an enthusiast gamer!
  5. tha17

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    bumpped to the top of the forum!! yay
  6. tha17

    tha17 Banned Topic Starter Posts: 45 now i dont know what i should thinking i should wait for the video card and then should i get your parts chm?:

    C2D E6320
    Gskill 2gb DDR2 800mhz 5-5-5-15
    Leadtek 7900GS
    Antec Sonata II ATX with 450W PSU
    Seagate 250Gb SATA
    Liteon 20X DVDrw PATA

    just with what video card?

    ps: my house is going to be hot this summer..does that mean i should get another fan...or should i get a water cooling system?!
  7. CMH

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    You didn't really strike a nerve, I just wanted to clarify a few things.

    About that list, its totally up to you, the only thing which would really bug anyone would be the graphics card.

    But there isn't any reason why this system wouldn't perform as well as you need it to.

    Someone like you should avoid water cooling. They're pretty high maintenance. If you're really interested in lower temps, look for a Zalman 7700Cu. They're not the best around, but it should keep your CPU cool enough.

    The case mentioned there should hold enough fans to keep your PC cool, but if its not cool enough, even with the Zalman, by all means, go ahead and get more fans.
  8. tha17

    tha17 Banned Topic Starter Posts: 45

    also is this motherboard: the one that you wanted me to get?

    also the cd drive :
    is that going to be fast enough?
    and i guess im going to wait untill the releases for the video cards come out and then i will cheak back here unless you know of a video card that you think i should get now?? thanks again for all of your help :) o 1 more thing...i was thinking about geting a pc wirelesscard for internet...i think it takes up a pci slot and that means i am going to need to get a different motherboard with 2 or3 pci slots...probrably3 cause my videocard is going to take up two cause it is so big!
  9. tha17

    tha17 Banned Topic Starter Posts: 45

    to the top of the forum!
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