Need help please, did a reinstall, system crashed, and now its not recongnizing,

By CandySue5506 ยท 4 replies
Apr 11, 2010
  1. System crashed, and had to reinstall operating system, and now the audio is not being recognized, when before there was not a problem with it, any ideals as to the why and how to fix this problem, so I can have my audio sound back,

    I am on a laptop Dell

    windows XP professional 2002 service pack 3
  2. Modena

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    Hi there, after you installed the fresh copy of windows did you install the audio drivers? Also what model laptop is it?
  3. CandySue5506

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    not sure, I have a Pentium processor, where do I find the model of this dell laptop at, and I am not sure if it added the drivers for it, since it did not recognize the sound at all, to get drivers for it, and thank you for offering help, and suggestions,
  4. Modena

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    Ya sounds like all you'll need is to go to and download the audio drivers. On you're computer somewhere it'll say what it is for example Inspiron 1200 or something along those lines. But if you cant find it go to this website it has a tool that will run and tell you what model you have exactly and redirect you to a page with all the correct drivers for you're computer.
  5. mailpup

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    Let me add that there are other drivers you need to install as well such as video, chipset, LAN, etc. They don't install by themselves. You have to do so separately. When at the Dell website be sure to get them as well.
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