Need help portfowarding Modem

By da_head
Mar 23, 2008
  1. Hey guys. Recently, i changed ISP to Primus Canada, and with that i got a new modem (Speedtouch THOMSON ST516). Before, i would be able to play starcraft perfectly, with no lag, but now i do lag. i have two computers on my network, and i use a dlink router. there is no need to port forward my router because it is the same router i've always been using without problem. i even removed the router and just used the modem, and the lag issue was the same. i have instructions here on how to portfoward this particular modem:
    but my isp put its own firmware on it, and the modem screen doesn't look the same (can i post a screenshot of it?). therefore, i'm unable to follow their instructions. also, is it necessary to set up a static ip address? i'm not sure how to do that. when setting up my router, my isp told me to set it to dynamic, and i didn't want to change anything. help? thanks in advance.
  2. jobeard

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    When the system is directly connected to the modem,
    THEN you don't need port forwarding as your system sees everything.
    Otherwise with the router between the modem and system, you do need port forwarding.

    Port fowarding is from the router to the specific system using its IP address.
    DHCP is much preferable but then your address can change when or if there are
    other systems attached.

    You might use MAC filtering to force DHCP to map a given system to a fixed address
    (inside the router), OR you must use a static address for the gaming system.
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