Need help. really nasty virus

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Nov 9, 2008
  1. ok the other day i recieved a virus.. it first shutdown my computer. then after that on the load up it took my background picture away and when you right click for the properties some of the tabs where missing. it tried to install Antivirus Pro 2009 on my comp like a trillion times. i finally booted in safe mode ran a couple virus scans and deleted that one from happening. Its very limited on the websites i can use. doesnt let me really go on anything with microsoft or antivirus programs. thank god there are sites that have direct downloads without having to go to the companys main page. I ran clamwin. i got hijackthis. norton anti pro. avg free malwarebytes and i ran them all and deleted the infected files but theres still a problem comp is still under h4x0rs control i guess.
    Also it wont let me download superantispyware now. it says the administrater has set policies to block this from installing
    I noticed another guy had the same problem as me.. The antivirus pro 2009 post. is it simple enough to where we can just find out what he did so that i can do the same??
  2. momok

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    Please do not copy and paste your logs. Instead attach them (like you did with the HijackThis log) Ensure you have attached all 3 required logs: MBAM, SAS, HJT
  3. pabadosado

    pabadosado TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 18

    i cant get the sas log... cause sas wont install. but i did just run malwarebytes again and i got 7 new infections and it cleaned them up. sorry about the post of the log.... im running another scan to make sure it got them, seems like what everyones told to do figure id go ahead of myself. I heard about combofix but it wont let install it from here or anywhere or links you posted on other sites or anything. so idk but i heard combofix was really good. this scan only had 5 things lol. its getting better ... or not
  4. pabadosado

    pabadosado TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 18

    combofix stuff so yeah heres the log for that.. all of a sudden after running MBAM for like the second time it let me go on any website and do whatever.. are tehre still anyfiles i should delete
  5. mflynn

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    Hi pabadosado

    Since you are now online and momok is not!

    Do the below so it will be avaialbe when momok returns.

    First he asked for a SuperAntiSpyware scan and log so go back to the 8 Steps UPDATE run FULL Scan and post log.

    Next Update MalwareBytes again and boot to Safe Mode and run both MWBAM and SAS again and even again until they both come up clean or find something they cannot clean.

    Boot back to normal close every thing and post a new HJT log.

    Then wait for momok

    Hope you don't mind the little help momok!

  6. pabadosado

    pabadosado TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 18

    ok i did all three of them.... so whats the scoop... the other one is above..
  7. mflynn

    mflynn TS Rookie Posts: 2,655

    OK Confirm you ran MalwareBytes again in safe mode as the old log has unhanded issues that should have been cleared if you followed my instructions.

    Run it in Safe mode Networking so you can post the log.

    I don't see where momok even advised you to run ComboFix but it also needs to be rerun as it also shows issues and we need to see a fresh log.

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