Need Help to determine if aggressive virus is terminate

By darkmatter14
Jan 9, 2008
  1. My computer was recently attack after I opened a file I downloaded. The virus was very aggressive, it spammed all the temp folders of each user with RCXFCB.tmp or the like (McAfee Blocked them as generic dropper and w32/Trats and even a few Trojans) and even removed avgas.exe so i couldn't run AVG with a reinstall and blow away McAfee. After a reinstall of both programs I followed the preliminary handling steps in this forum and it seems as if the infection is gone, but could you please take a look at my HJT log? The pandaroot was empty , vundofix got ride of about 4 files, but i have about 30 dropper.Agent.dpo quarantined in AVG
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