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Aug 6, 2006
  1. I have an Excel spreadsheet, it's a log of the daily tasks. Now it is constantly being changed throughout out the day. It needs to be edited by multiple people, from multiple workstations. I tried using the share workbook option that Excel has but that didn't work. The problem I had was that after someone would make an edit and save the file it didn't refresh on the screens where the file is always open being displayed. Does anyone know of how I could do this? It doesn't necessarily have to be w/ Excel.
  2. boardwalktech

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    did you ever solve this problem?
  3. matt2971

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    Excel spreadsheets are not designed to be used by multiple users simultaneously. Try MS Access or another database.
  4. SNGX1275

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    The post is 10 months old, the dude is probably long gone.

    But if the spreadsheet is fairly simple (no macros) you could use Google's spreadsheet thing, it is basically designed for multiple users.
  5. halo71

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    Although the original post is kinda old. What we do at work is save the Excel file to a network drive. ANyone that needs access to it, uses it, then makes their saves. Never had any issues with it. Although each workstation user should go into Excel and identify their user ID or whatever (forget where this is in Excel at the moment) so if they are in the spreadsheet and someone else is trying to get into it. The second user will know who they need to ask for access.
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