need help w/soundcard

By jprpadilla
Nov 1, 2002
  1. :eek: Hi i have a problem with my soundcard all my drivers were erased and now i dont have no sound i do not know the model or the manufacture of it all i can see is that it says philips on the board but i already went to philips website and they dont appeadr to have any like this one can somebody help me out and tell me were i can see the model for this souncard. I know that i could always go and get a new one i really liked how this one sounded I hope sombody can help me Thanks
  2. SNGX1275

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    If you are running Windows just delete everything in device manager related to sound, shut down, remove sound card, start up, shut down, put card back in, start up, and windows should be able to figure out what it is. Then dl the latest drivers from Phillips.
  3. Elcarion

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    The main sound chip should have a number on it like PSC706 or PSC703. The number corresponds with the numbers you see on the web page. You should be able to find drivers here:
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