Need help with McAfee

By whateveriswhate
Jan 27, 2010
  1. My computer and Acer Aspire 5735 came with a 30 day trial of McAfee and when it expired I didnt do anything, up until now that is. (I bought it last year around april-may)
    I bought the program a couple of hours ago and everything went fine, but then when I was going to install it it wouldnt start.
    The installing program opens and starts and then it just goes blank all of a sudden. When I put the mouse on it it looks like it's working but it isnt.
    I've already tried restarting my computer a couple of times, I've downloaded the installment program a couple of more times and I've tried changing from firefox to internet explorer. All with the same result, which is nothing.

    I would've sent something to McAfee but I can't find their support page if there even is one, so I am hoping someone here could come up with a solution^^
    Oh, and while I was "installing" I did not run any other programs, and my old subscrition keeps telling me to renew but whenever I try to "varify the subscrition" it just tells me to buy it. And I already did!
    So please will somebody help me?^^

    And thank you in advance to anyone who has anything to say^^
  2. Tmagic650

    Tmagic650 TS Ambassador Posts: 17,244   +234

    If you bought the program, you have the right to contact McAfee support for help with this. If you can't get support, delete or remove McAfee and go with one of the better free antivirus programs like free Avast or free Kaspersky Internet Security
  3. Bobbye

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    You have posted in the Virus and Malware Removal forum. Your question does not belong here. Please move to the Windows OS forum for help.
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