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Oct 6, 2006
  1. Hey everyone, i need serious help with my client computer on my wireless network. I have 2 desktops. One has a belkin wireless g router connected and the other a wireless belkin g card. This computer works fine but the other computer with the wireless card cannot connect to the network. Under support it says, "cannot connect because the network did not assign a network address to this computer". Also this same computer seems to lose its IP address during times, mainly when it tries to connect to the network, and says the IP address is in ipconfig. Does anyone know what to do? Thank you
  2. Rick

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    How far apart are these computers? Are you having any problems 'finding' the wireless network in your wireless browser? means your computer cannot establish a connection to the DHCP server (your router).

    Being unable to negotiate a connect with your router is typically caused by a signal that is too weak to communicate with your router, you have entered the wrong encyption key, MAC filtering has been enabled and prohibits anyone connecting, your firewall is blocking all network traffic, your router's DHCP is turned off, your computer's wireless driver or utility needs to be reinstalled, your router or wireless card is failing or your winsock is need of repair.

    Can you connect with a cable? Does it work? If no, we can rule out just wireless. It would either be a software problem (winsock, for example) or your router.
  3. tomm098

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    It has a very strong connection usually around 95% but it doesnt actually connect. So im sure its not that, plus ive tried stopping the firewalls, its not that either. So im guessing its this DHCP thing ur talking about or winsock. Should i fix one of these things? I think a while ago i tried winsock and thats what caused this problem?
  4. tomm098

    tomm098 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I thought i should also add that the network connection sometimes works but only connects after around 3 hours after each computer startup, the computer never starts up with an active network connection however will sometimes obtain one after a few hours. Im not sure if this is any help.
  5. Rick

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    No, using WinsockXP Repair shouldn't cause the problem (if that's what you used). It just restores XP's standard Winsock configuration.

    If you were to unplug the router, move it close to your PC and plug it in using a network cable - can you get an IP address over your wired network adapter?

    If that works, it tells us your Winsock is OK and your ability to connect to a network is fine. The problem must lie with your wireless somewhere (Wrong WEP/WPA key, MAC filtering, channel interference, wireless utility problems, failing hardware, etc...)

    If it doesn't work, then your winsock probably IS to blame.
  6. Rick

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    That's not a winsock problem. Infact, that's not any typical problem.

    I'm assuming your wired network connection works fine on the 2nd PC. So we know this isn't your modem and this isn't your router's wired connection. Wireless and software are still variables though. It could still be things like interference, drivers, wireless utility and even your router's wireless (even though wired still works).

    We'll need you to tinker with it some more. If you make an additional discoveries, we can get more specific. :)
  7. tomm098

    tomm098 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Ok thanks very much, i will try and get my hands on a long network cable, my friend has one, and then we can continue with accessing the problem. Thanks again.
  8. tomm098

    tomm098 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Hey again rick, i tried connecting the two desktops together with a network cable, both from the router, and it worked, both have internet connection now. So im not sure what that means in relation to wireless, but was just doing it because you told me. Do you have any idea what to do next or what the problem is? thanks again rick
  9. Rick

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    That means we can focus on your wireless, because there's something wrong with your wireless card and/or your router's wireless. What we know is:
    • Problem occurs only with wireless
    • Problem is intermittent
    • Your wireless utility says you have a strong signal, even though you are unable to connect
    • You lose your IP address

    First, I'd try to figure out if it is your wireless adapter/card. It is more likely to be the problem than your router. Try these things:
    • Reinstall your wireless card - Use device manager ( Start > Run > devmgmnt.msc ). Right click on your wireless card from the device list and 'Remove' or 'Uninstall' the device. Reboot and Windows will redetect your card. You'll need to put in your encryption key again (if you have one) since this erases your wireless profile data.
    • Upgrade your wireless card drivers - Download the newest drivers from your wireless card manufacturer's website. Uninstall your current drivers (If they came with an installer) using Start > Run > appwiz.cpl and install the new drivers you downloaded.
    • Update your firmware. Visit your wireless card manufacturer's website again and see if they have any updates for your wireless card's firmware.
    • Try another wireless card. If you have access to another wireless card, this would be a great way to determine if the issue is related to your wireless card. If you don't have one, I don't particularly see what's wrong in buying one from a store and taking it back once you've tested it out. :)
    • Try the wireless card in your OTHER computer. This would be a good way to find out if the card itself is to blame. If it works in the other computer, then we can be reasonably sure your card works and the problem is actually with your computer.

    I don't feel like this is a 'configuration' problem. Usually if it is configured incorrectly, it just won't work. But your issue comes and goes. Otherwise, it looks like an encyption key problem to me. But that would mean you'd never get online.

    If none of these things work, then we should start looking at the router. Feel free to poke around... Since you are actually there at the computer you may notice things that we'd never think of. Exploration can be key. ;)
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