Need Help xp repair from resource disk, USB is disabled and a popup appears

By wrowe12
Apr 12, 2006
  1. while trying to restore some missing files due to a virus, I began a system repair from the resource disk. Half way through the repair the USB drivers are disabled, and minutes later a response is needed and the mouse or the arrow keys work. This is a dell gx620 with only usb ports, and no serials. Tried moving HD to another pc and performing a repair but the same thing happened. Is there any way around this?

    Any help would be appreciated
  2. floortap

    floortap TS Rookie

    I realize this is kind of late

    I realize this is kind of a late response, but I'm having the same issue, and I found a workaround.

    If you're losing USB devices during a repair, try hitting SHIFT+F10 when you first see the "installing devices" progress bar on the left of the XP graphical setup screen (with the collecting information, dynamic update, preparing installation, installing windows, and finalizing installation bullets).

    This will bring up a command console (like when you type "cmd" in start-->run), and, for some reason, if you just sit there with the command console open, you don't lose your USB devices.

    So when you start getting popups, just answer them as you will. If they're USB popups regarding microsoft logo certification or something like that, I'd recommend saying "Yes," because when i said "No" (hoping the system would default to some sort of generic USB drivers), I again lost my USB devices. But when I said "Yes" to all of the "are you sure you want to install this uncertified driver?" questions, my USB deviced remained intact.
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