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Jul 29, 2011
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  1. I have an AT&T U-Verse LAN that uses a 2Wire 3800HGV-B gateway. Currently I have 2 computers connected to the gateway thru Ethernet cable.

    I now want to add a 3rd computer running Windows XP x64 to the LAN, and I need help sorting thru the details of how to do it. I have no problem with the physical connection, but I cannot get the system to recognize the computer.

    I would much appreciate any insight on sorting thru this.


  2. tipstir

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    Get yourself a 5-port LAN Switch and take the output LAN port from your 2Wire Router into port 1 of the 5-port LAN Switch. Now you can connect up to 4 PCs to this switch.
  3. dwillard

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    I tiptoed around the problem for the moment by connecting WiFi


    Thanks for your insight.

    I admittedly didn't explain my situation very well. As it turned out, my problem was entirely in the software. More specifically, identifying drivers for the WiFi hardware on the notebook in question.

    To correct this, I went to Intel and downloaded the correct software application and drivers for the Intel WiFi hardware on my notebook. This solved at least my problem of Internet connectivity, though I still have the issue of not being able to connect using an Ethernet cable.

    I think I can solve it with a similar approach of installing the appropriate Ethernet drivers for Win XP x64.

  4. tipstir

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    Good you solve your issue? Correct?
  5. dwillard

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    Intenet connectivity issue is solved; still working on other challenges


    Yes, the basic problem of connecting to the internet appears to be solved.

    Running down the various drivers to get Win XP x64 working satisfactorily on this computer, however, continues to provide me with additional opportunities to raise my level of expertise. :)


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