Need MicroATX motherboard suggestions please

By DonNagual ยท 4 replies
Mar 7, 2006
  1. I am going to put together a system in a cube case (aspire) and need to pick a solid motherboard.

    Needs to be socket 939 (Athlon64 3500)
    Pci express x16 slot for the graphics card

    Anyone have any suggestions?
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  3. DonNagual

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  5. DonNagual

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    Just thinking out loud here....

    I have always had good luck with Asus boards, and would like to stick with them if possible. Yet, I am wondering if the foxconn board BlackStuff suggests isn't better for my needs in this case.

    I don't need those powerful onboard graphics the Asus board is offering. As they are both the same price, I am wondering if it would be money better spent to get the nforce4 chipset on the foxconn board....

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