Need to build comp on 600 dollar budget

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Aug 24, 2007
  1. Rage_3K_Moiz

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    It's the total amperage, as you guessed rightly. Amperages for gaming systems vary, but the most common would be about 22-25A. It depends on all the other components, but most of all the CPU and the video card, since these pull the most power from the +12V rail.
  2. link590o

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    wow. no wonder you suggested that one...27 amps or so. thats pretty damn good according to your average amperage for a gaming rig. so that should be more than enough...and i can double check when i buy the parts by checking the labels and stuff. awesomeness.
  3. csalcido

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    why not get the 5200? Its only 4 dollars more.,N82E16819103780&bop=And
  4. link590o

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    strange...i was looking at that exact same processor, down to the link 5 seconds ago....and i denied it entry into my list.

    the reason for that is that i've heard that in certain benchmarks, the 5000 has been able to outperform the 5200. they're both the same speed in ghz. but i guess it's all about the multipliers. by that logic, i'd be spending more money for pretty much the same thing. if it was even minutely faster in terms of the ghz, then i'd go for it in a heartbeat. but the two models are just too similar. and given that there is evidence that the 5000 is better, i'll hedge my bets with the 5000.

    bigger l2 cache...sure....but that aside, its no different.
  5. csalcido

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  6. link590o

    link590o Topic Starter

    aha! evidence to the contrary! i see....

    i dunno. i was going based off the hype. that benchmark suggests otherwise, so sure. i'll go with it. as long as you've got the proof. and you do.

    y'know, to be honest, i originally wanted to go with the 5200. then i had this one kid come screaming at me that the brisbane was better. so i said ok.

    consider the 5200 my new choice...again. and with any luck, the price will go down by the time i buy it :3
  7. samjohnson

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    I just checked out the the 5200, very nice. Whish I could have gotten that but I spent all my money on a really good motherboard. :D
    I will have to upgrade sometime. lol
    Good luck on the build there link! I will keep my eyes open when surfing newegg for ya.
  8. link590o

    link590o Topic Starter

    as will i. i'm making it a habit to check the parts links every once in a while and keep up with the prices. who knows? if some of them go down enough, i can upgrade another part =D. i kinda want to upgrade from the 256mb 1950 to the 512mb, but its like...15 bucks more that i'm not sure i'll have. so here's to hoping for price drops.

    HOLY CRAP! OCZ introduced a 1200watt power supply O.O

    i ran the numbers. the single 12v rail it has supposedly offers slightly over 80 amps!!!! dear GOD man! you could just about power a small airport with that thing.

    and it has a hefty price tag too. 499.99.

    here's the link to the tech specs.
  9. link590o

    link590o Topic Starter

    i'm kinda upset...the price for a few of the components went up...that a-data ram went up a few bucks. and with the new processor in my setup, the shipping went up too. the total is now with shipping 600.26....this isn't like....terrible. but i'd like to see if i can get it down in price a little. is it really necessary to spend 75 bucks on a mobo? isn't there a slightly cheaper one i could use with all the same benefits?

    of course, i don't want to risk having a huge problem like having to make bios revisions, or having my keyboard not be recognized or something ridiculous like that. but i liked it better when my whole computer was 587 dollars instead...
  10. Rage_3K_Moiz

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    This mobo has the same features for a much lower price. Better now, innit? :)
    And about the PSU, the recommended amperage will vary according to the system. 20A is a more general figure taking into account that the person is using a dual-core CPU, at least one 7200RPM HDD and a card at the level of a 7600GT. But this is by no means a hard and fast rule i.e. not everyone will be using a PSU giving out 20A on the +12V rail(s). It just depends from PC to PC. So when you're recommending a PSU, make sure you see what system they have and base your recommendation on that. No point in recommending a 600W PSU to someone using a PIII with a GeForce4 MX440 is there? If you have any more queries regarding this, follow the link in my sig.
    Oh, and how come you're not getting the CoolerMaster PSU? It offers much more power than the OCZ one for a lower price.
  11. link590o

    link590o Topic Starter

    i'm trying to be careful which one i pick. there's a 550watt one that offers 32 amps, and a 500watt that offers 27.83 amps. but tons of people were complaining that the 550watt was very very VERY noisy. so i think i may go with the quieter one. it still offers a good 0.233333 amps more than the OCZ one. so for 50 bucks, this one will do nicely.

    now, i'm very very pleased :3

    new price without shipping == $507.93
    shipping == $28.77
    total= $536.70

    i NEVER imagined it would ever get this cheap. and i know what THAT means. i'm upgrading to a better video card ^_^.

    if i want to keep it around 580 when i change video cards, that means i have an approximate 180 dollar spending limit now. which means i can upgrade to the x1950 pro like i wanted.

    new total is 521.93 without shipping
    same shipping fee
    total= 550.70

    rock on.
  12. TimeParadoX

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    good job link :D

    Make sure to take pictures when you finish the build lol
  13. link590o

    link590o Topic Starter

    aw man...that means i gotta find triple A batteries and my camera...^^;;;

    but, i certainly will. i might give you pictures during the build. and i'll make a screenshot of my new XP machine if it works. and i'm fairly confident it will.

    good news btw. my parents gave me 20 bucks today =D! i'm that much closer to my goal! lawl.

    i have you guys to thank. i'd be up a creek without a paddle if you guys didn't teach me all this stuff and show me cool parts you found.
  14. link590o

    link590o Topic Starter

    oh man it just got better. i have enough to upgrade to the 2.8ghz windsor model processor :D!!!!

    new total 566.70!

    i'm only worried about whether my power supply can handle it. you think 27.83 amps is going to be enough to power the 1950 pro and a windsor?
  15. link590o

    link590o Topic Starter

    i did some rough calculations...and i call them rough because i have no idea if this is the correct way to figure it out. but the numbers seem to make sense.

    i learned that, at load, the 1950 draws about 212 watts.

    and the windsor draws 89 watts idle. at load, the worst case scenario it draws 187 watts.

    so in total thats about 399 watts.

    to figure out the amperages, i divided that number by 12 volts. and the numbers were about 33.25. that seems like the right amperage that it would take up. in which case, i'd need a heftier psu.

    but, since i don't have a clue what i'm doing, i'm going to let you guys correct me, or tell me i did it right.
  16. Rage_3K_Moiz

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    You do realize that you won't be getting an HSF with the processor? You'd need to buy one separately. I recommend this one. As for the PSU, this one has a single +12V rail with 33A on it that should be enough for your system. It's also cheaper than the OCZ and CoolerMaster ones.
  17. link590o

    link590o Topic Starter

    holy cow....i just read another benchmark and it says that even the 5200 draws almost 250 watts at load. and the x1950 draws more than 230. i'm screwed. because i'll need a LOT of power. 480 watts? thats over 40 amps from the 12v.

    i'm starting to wonder if any of these benchmarks are even accurate.
  18. link590o

    link590o Topic Starter

    ok there is something seriously wrong here.

    i checked out said benchmarks, and i looked at their test rigs.

    they were using modern graphics chips and the amd 6000+, and they're running them with a 550watt enermax. it supplies like...20 amps over three 12v rails. how they could run them with only 20 amps is beyond me because according to my research i need like...twice that. and it'd make sense that you'd need a little more than 20 for a geforce 7950, and an amd 6000.

    so there is something seriously wrong with what i was calculating or something.

    which means i probably could just use my default power supply that i had initially chosen to run my setup. and it'd work just fine.

    i'll stick with the amd 5200, and just take that coolermaster that was 49.99 and gave 27.833333 amps. because if they can run an amd 6000+ and a geforce 7950 on only 20 amps from the 12v rails, then i can run a 5200 and an x1950 with 27.
  19. csalcido

    csalcido TS Rookie Posts: 17

  20. link590o

    link590o Topic Starter

    WOW....that is in fact a pretty sweet deal. if you could get a shipping estimate that'd be cool. i live in tampa florida, and the area code around here is 33613. a lot of sites i've seen make the shipping close to 25 dollars or so for 3 day UPS ground.

    if it does make it that much, that'd come out to roughly the same as if i'd bought a power supply and a case of the same calibre from newegg though....

    saved up right now, i have around $220. and in the coming 4 months i'll be getting the remaining necessary funds. how much exactly i don't really know. it could be anywhere from 200-450. the reason i say that is because 200 of it is for sure. the other remaining sum i plan on getting by way of selling some merchandise to an interested buyer.

    the thing is, i have to go to new york to get said merchandise. and i'm hoping that during the holidays in december, i can go get it, sell it, and make at least 200 off the deal. i originally asked for 350-375, but he says he doesn't want to pay that much.

    its reasonable to say i'll get enough. hence why i suggested a 600 dollar budget. i just want to have a solid list of things i want to purchase ahead of time. and if i have more than enough, awesome. i can get some extra nice things when it comes time to purchase my items.

    but i'm 95% confident i can get enough cash for the system i already outlined by january of next year.

    so far that system looks like so:
    ASRock ALIVENF6G-VSTA AM2 NVIDIA GeForce 6100 - 59.99
    Seagate Hard Drive 160 gig 7200 rpm- 49.99
    A-Data Memory 2x 1gig sticks- 62.99
    amd 64 x2 5200 windsor 2.6ghz- 123.99
    coolermaster case fans preinstalled 120mm and 80mm- 49.99
    radeon x1950 512mb - 128.99

    as for the power supply, that's been my latest quandary because i'm trying to figure out how much power my cpu and gpu will need, and i'm picking the power supply accordingly. i'm either going with a 500 watt coolermaster psu for 49.99 or a 700 watt hipro for 89.99. i'm not sure which though. i'm trying to avoid the pricey items.

    it also depends on whether that case and supply offer you showed is going to be cheaper than if i ordered off of newegg.
  21. csalcido

    csalcido TS Rookie Posts: 17

  22. link590o

    link590o Topic Starter

    strangely enough, you designed a pc that i was very much interested in before this thread continued. i was thinking about the 7600gt, but i decided against it because i saw a few benchmarks that suggested the 1950 was more powerful. it was a choice between the 1950 and the 8600. and i sorta decided against going sli in the end after all. otherwise you pretty much have the PC i just outlined. i just have a few of the parts for cheaper, and i'm undecided about my power supply at the moment.

    the RAM i really have no preference for as long as it is relatively cheap and ddr2 pc2-6400 800mhz. the A-data ones i chose were very cheap. and there were precious few bad reviews. but if you say those are better, so be it.

    is .2 milliseconds really a huge deal? i mean...come on. its practically the same and its 10 bucks cheaper. and the cheaper the better.

    i have heard Rosewill sucks nards. i was offered one earlier in this thread and was quickly dissuaded from choosing it by someone. not to mention the one i found has a little more kick to it. that one only offers about 16.75 amps on the 12v rail. so i'll stick with mine which offers 27.8 or so, or one that offers even more than that.

    the case i found comes with two built in fans one 80mm and one 120mm, and the case + fans are 49.99.

    and i don't need such an expensive mobo if i'm not even going to use sli or crossfire. so the 60 dollar one i have will do just fine.

    what else does that leave?...nothing much really.
  23. csalcido

    csalcido TS Rookie Posts: 17

    wtf.. Do u guys pay sales tax where you live? Everytime I put you ZipCode in Newegg it doesnt charge for tax but when I put mine it does ($33!)

    BTW, With the stuff you already had planned to buy from newegg+the case and PS from tigerdirect the total is roughly $583. (137.71 for PS and Case Shipped from TD)
  24. Rage_3K_Moiz

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    Okay link, seems I was wrong about a little bit. First of all, you can't load the +5V rail and the +3.3V rail at the same time. It can be only either of them at any given time. Also, you need to take the other ratings (such as the -12V one) into account when calculating the wattage supplied to the +12V rail. Just so it clears it up for you. Shows how I'm still a long way off from learning everything. :)

    In any case, I found a couple of great deals for you. This oughta brighten up your day! :D
    It has enough wattage on the +12V rails for your proposed system and is also of good quality. The price is a throwaway one so place your order before it's gone!
    Also, this mobo is a cheaper one than that ASRock and has free shipping too.
    Lastly, this case is a better option with its dual 120mm fans.

    Again, sorry for the misinformation. I didn't know it would cause so much confusion. I hope I helped though. :)
  25. link590o

    link590o Topic Starter

    don't worry about it. i'm glad i freaked out because at least we ended up catching the error.

    the unfortunate thing here is...right now, i can't get it. i don't have a credit card. flat-out cash, yes. i'm back to square one. the good news is, my mom said she'd come up with the difference and pay me back when i bought all the parts.

    also, the link to the motherboard you found is the same as the link for the power supply. whoops? hehehe.

    as for the case, when i clicked "buy it now" it said it found no data on it and redirected me. so i'm not sure that's a working option D: ....also there's that minor detail of no credit card and shipping.

    and csalcido, i don't honestly know why. it may just be the parts i picked, or it may just be that, yes, because i'm in florida we don't pay a sales tax. i haven't a clue....anyway.

    the case and power supply i picked came out to 139.98 and with about 15 dollars shipping. so its only moderately cheaper. and mine makes up for the difference with a power supply that has some more kick to it. otherwise, there's no real difference. i figured it was too good to be true.

    as for the stuff i picked out, i at some point had it ultra cheap with some really good parts. i had a 550 watt or a 500 watt power supply, the radeon x1950 512mb, and an amd 5600 2.8ghz picked out, with everything else the same, and the total came to 566.70, shipping included. it was on the rocks only because of the power supply. and given that i was just shown a good 500watt supply, then my old setup would have worked. so consider that my current setup.

    amd dual core 5600 2.8ghz- 139.99
    coolermaster 500watt - 49.99
    WD 160gig 7200 rpm- 49.99
    coolermaster case 2 built in fans- 49.99
    OCZ RAM 2x1gig sticks-65.99
    ASRock ALIVENF6G-VSTA AM2 NVIDIA GeForce 6100- 55.99
    radeon x1950 512mb- 128.99

    I may change the mobo when you get your links ironed out there Rage...heheh. and here's to hoping that its not from a different site because that might cause me a headache, depending.

    oh man...if i can raise $715 bucks, i can switch from the radeon x1950 512 to the 2900 HD 512mb! :D
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