Need to Create a Bootable Ghost CD for a Dell D410 Laptop

By tandem
Dec 19, 2005
  1. I am at my running out of ideas relative to creating a bootable CD image for this Dell. I am using Ghost 8.2 and have also tried Ghost Enterprise 8.0 and Ghost 2003. When I attempt to make the CD bootable I get an Application error 10048 error reading the bootabe floppy created with the Ghost Boot Wizzard. Symantec seems to be aware of the problem but I could find no solution. I normally use Ghost 7.5 enterprise version on all of my other machines (hundreds and hundreds of machines) but this piece of junk (Laptop) has a seperate CD/DVD Rom which is connected with USB. Therein lies the problem otherwise I could be using Ghost 7.5 and be on my way but that version does not have USB support.

    I have attempted to use my BartPE but when I remove the Bart CD Rom and insert a blank CD, it stops communicating. I also have Bart on a Flash drive which should solve the problem, but Ghost does not see the CD Rom even thought Explorer does.

    ERRRRAUGH! Anyone have a large Hammer?

    Anybody have any suggestions? :chef:

  2. Chimworth

    Chimworth TS Rookie Posts: 19

    HI, I am having this same issue but I have not tried all of those different versions of Ghost!! All though after finding this thread I discovered that Dell has put out a BIOS update (Dell Latitude D410 A05 System BIOS) that mentions a fix for issues with Ghost. I am going to try it now and see if it solves the problem. I will update this afterwards...

    OK well it turns out that I already had that BIOS version so no help there. But I found a stupid quirk with the boot disk wizard and it solved my problem so give it a try and see if it solves yours..

    From C:\Dell\drivers copy the R87461 folder (these are the NIC drivers) to your Ghost Server. Open your Ghost Boot Wizard and choose Network Boot Disk, choose Add, Choose NDSI2 Driver, Browse to \R87461\DOS\NDIS2\V7.65\B57.doc and open, !! then !! click on set up and browse to \R87461\DOS\NDIS2\V7.65 and click ok, click ok again, name it whatever and choose it, next, next, etc.. to complete boot disk creation. I have no idea why you have to browse in 2 different places on the same set up portion but it is the one thing that did the trick.

    I hope this helps...
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