Need to get my pc to its original state. performance greatly decreased. Want to completely wipe pc

By Taylor Wilson
Dec 22, 2014
  1. When I first made my custom pc strictly made for gaming I was able to run such games like arma 3 in ultra with 60+ fps (which is fricken amazing)
    But now can only get it just above 30 on standard. I think this is because of my computer having many programs which maybe just stopping cpu/gpu usage when I play games. or the programs may even be viruses slowing the performance. so I really want to completely wipe my pc hoping that I can get my pc close to what is was when I brought it. nothing is externally broke when I looked at the things in my pc. so what I am trying to get at is what do I have to do to get my pc back to what is was? what program do I need to use? what do I have to do? please reply asap as I would like to be able to have it cleaned up before new year. your help will always mean a lot:)
  2. hellokitty[hk]

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    That does mean that you will loose all data and files that you haven't backed up elsewhere.
  3. mike1959

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    There are some useful ideas here;
    You don't say which version of Windows you are using, but '8' has a 'refresh' option which does what you are asking about.
    Also some good info here;
    Other than that, install and run CCleaner, install update and run Malwarebytes anti malware, and defrag the hard drive.
    Of course you can wipe the drive and start again, but bear in mind all your Windows updates will be lost too.
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  4. Taylor Wilson

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    I mean I literally want to wipe my entire computer. you able to tell me what program I need to use or something like that? I can always crack a knew operating system (like a bad boy)
    I am currently using windows 7
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