Neowin: LG Optimus 4X HD smartphone review

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Jul 27, 2012
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  1. It's been a long time since LG produced a top-of-the-line Android smartphone, the last of which was the LG Optimus 2X. Despite being the first dual-core device it was quickly overshadowed in early 2011 by other devices like the HTC……

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  2. Tharien

    Tharien TS Rookie

    As an owner of an LG G2X I will never buy another LG phone again. They're horrible with updates (non-existent) and they're idea of customer service is to blame someone else.

    I will never buy another LG Android device again, and I can't recommend them to anyone all the same.
  3. lawfer

    lawfer TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,270   +91

    I completely agree you.

    However, I will say this: hardware quality (not design) is better than HTC's, for instance. Just wanted to put that out there. ;)
  4. I use the WP7 LG Opt. Quantum. And I will never buy another LG phone ever again. This phone has horrible signal pretty much need to be standing on the tower for it to work.(Im with Bell so its not the service provider). The touch screen works great some times and others just not at all. Screen quality is crap compared to most other phones. Anyone who asks I tell them stay clear of LG phones.
  5. dennis777

    dennis777 TS Enthusiast Posts: 285   +33

    LG is good, software updates are bad..

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