Neowin review: Samsung Droid Charge 4G


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Verizon has never been shy to load up their portfolio with a plethora of Android. The initial stint was to help fight the iPhone, but now that Verizon has that phone on its store shelves, will they keep loading up on premium Android phones? The short answer to that question is yes, Verizon is continuing to attract high end Android phones to appease all of their customers.

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Specs sound like a repackaged Samsung Galaxy S except for the Super AMOLED Plus Display... >.>


"Gingerbread was developed for tablets, not phones. Guest just come here to complain these days."

You are thinking of honeycomb, gingerbread is available on phones.


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peperonikiller said:
Super you can't be more wrong. Honeycomb was developed for tablets.. Gingerbread is developed for phones.

You're right. I misspoke while watching tv. I'll be more tentative next time around. Both post above are correct. Honeycomb=tablet. Froyo/Gingerbread=phones.


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Guest said:
Single Core.... haha who wants that old school tech??

Agreed,a dual core would have been a nice addition.BTW I feel that the keys at the bottom are quite small(probably to make up for the large screen) and thus very inconvenient.