Nervous, no idea about tech stuff (another TV-Laptop colour issue) PLEASE HELP

By cluelessvet
Nov 27, 2007
  1. Hi everyone!

    I'm a very basic computer user. I am so happy a forum like this exists.

    I have just bought an ASUS W6F (australia) and loaded it up with windows vista.
    I am currently staying in a flat in the UK which has a Panasonic Pro-Logic crappy old TV. I am bored, alone, cold and wishing I was back in Bronte soaking up the sun :) PLEASE HELP ME FIND SANITY IN TV

    There are 2 SCART connections in the back of the TV (AV1, AV2)
    In the front of the TV there is a S-video inlet (4 pin holes) and red,white and yellow inlets (AV3)

    My computer has an S-video output (7-pin holes), and single jack for audio/headset

    The connecting cables I have are:
    JVC Video S-Video to S-Video CAble 2m (VC-J151) - 4 pins
    JVC Video Switchable Scart To 3 Phono and S-Video Adapter (VZ-J129)
    JVC Audio 3.5mm Plug to 2 Phono Cable (CN - J201)
    A 3.5mm audio plug with a 3 phono cable that came with the computer

    I have connected the S-video cable direct to the s-video ports (is that the right word?) on both the TV and Laptop (AV3)
    I have also tried connecting the S-video from the laptop to the Switchable Scart to the TV (AV1)

    I have said I have VISTA
    I have gone to display settings, Advanced settings...
    Then I get to Intel Graphics Media Accelerator Driver for Mobile
    I click on Graphics properties
    I skip through Display Devices to Display Settings
    I skip over Notebook to the Television Tab
    I select through the video standard ANY of the MANY NTSC and PAL options
    Then click Apply.

    The screen flicks and a mini screen comes up saying I have reconfigured setting and do I want to keep them.

    BUT - I still have black and white.

    I have done the above protocol after reading many things on the web about this problem. I feel I am close but obviously not successful yet.

    I have seen words like composite and others that REALLY confuse me. Simple girl, I am.

    Which PAL/NTSC video standard should I choose in the list? PAL_B? There are about 10 choices
    Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can see in colour?

    I would love to watch buffy and heroes!

    Thank you SO SO SO SO SO MUCH

    AND G-D Bless you if you can relieve my boredom!
  2. Rik

    Rik Banned Posts: 3,814

    Its definately pal and not ntsc you need, but thats all i know. You will have to try the different pal modes out to see what works.
  3. cluelessvet

    cluelessvet TS Rookie Topic Starter


    So, just click on each of them and hit apply, and it should flick and turn colour? IF it works?
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