Netropolitan is the social network for the one percent

Shawn Knight

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First there was a Craigslist for the rich and now, the one percent have their own social network. It's called Netropolitan and membership is open to most anyone - so long as you can foot the $9,000 registration fee and...

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I thought I might be that one percent, seeing as I don't currently use any social media (other than forums and game chat). Then I read "$9000" and come to the harsh reality, I'm not even in the one percent.

Not just that but someone that earns 200k a year can EASILY foot this bill.. its for the 50% not one percent... Plus the site looks like it was made from a $50 template and the logo... did the guy make that in word?

This site looks extremely unprofessional, even the FAQ makes you laugh. Good business stratergy make a poor site with poor language & rules with a high fee then act like its meant for the 1%...
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Satish Mallya

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I'm thinking kicksrarter or similar crowd funding tool to create accounts and monitor what the 1% are up to.
Remember, if you have a lot of people sharing, the costs are greatly defrayed.


Social network, ahem...

That first picture looks like your cheap porno intro :)

Then they start socializing... :)