Network boot stops at pre-OS for unattended install

By jncaudio
Mar 18, 2009
  1. I have my HP omnibook vt6200, cennected via ethernet-router-Dell Deminsion 4300, which the Dell acts as a server due to Argontechnology's boot manager cms program. I have done everything I was told to do, but it stops right after it transfers my INSTALLXP.img file, the laptop states that it has loaded the pre-os v1.0, and the copyrights. then it stops responding. I have noticed that I am having a little trouble with the bios recognizing the hard drive, but it seems to be in good shape in a different laptop. I set the defaults for my bios, and hoped that I could return it to how it once ran. I don't have a clue, because this laptop was bought on ebay, woth the description that it had a password that needed to be changed, which I have done, and all is well with the password. I don't know what I am missing here, if there was something I might have left out of the programming in the boot manager, or what. I followed the setup instructions to the T. I have the installxp image, I have the deploy file on c:, I have the client name, and mac add directed to the files that it said to direct them to. If anybody has a vast knowledge of network booting to install unattended, please help me. I would be so greatful.
  2. jncaudio

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    Can somebody help me?

    Come on guys, the last three or four post I put in here, I had no responses. Please don't tell me that I am on a black list or something. I really need help with this, please.
  3. jncaudio

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    I think you guys help others alot, could I please ask somebody to help me out?
  4. jncaudio

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    Please, somebody look at this, would you?
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