Network issues with XP

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Hi guys, sorry if this has already been asked and answered. Here is my problem.

This only started within the last week.

1st machine = (A)
2nd Machine = (B)

(B) can see (A) in Workgroups, but (B) cannot access (A).

(A) has full access to (B)

My Printer is shared through (A), and (B) could still print through (A) right up until I removed the shared drivers off (B). Then when I tried to find the shared printer on (A) it has the same access not granted error.

All firewalls are disabled and the only thing that has happen in the last week, on both machines, is an XP update. I don't want to do a reinstall, is there any way to fix this??


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How are computers connected, hub, router, crossover??

Try run network wizard on both PCs. If they are without a DHCP server, make sure IP addresses are set correctly and both in same workgroup etc. You almost might have to disable netbios on one.

Sometimes the easiest way is to just format, normally inconvenient, but almost always solves the problem.


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(A) has a wireless connection to a DLINK DSL-G604t and (B) is wired to the same modem.

Ran the wizard and the same thing happens (A) can see and use (B) but (B) can only see (A)

Ok guys after much brain hurting and reading through the registry, I came across the solution.

There was 1 where there should of been a 0 inthe restrictanonymous/sam part on the registry.

Thanks for your help.
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