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Feb 15, 2008

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    saving your VHS

    there is a pretty cool way to digitize your VHS use a digital 8 camcorder sony made a bunch of these with digital pass through via firewire you can just plug your vcr into the camcorder and it dumps out the other side to your pc with no degrading it will pass strait through or you can record it to a digital 8 tape as well i have a sony DCR TRV 340 and have used it to do this in the past most of the DCRTRV models have the pass through function
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    Yeah I have a Sharp ViewCam Digital 8mm I guess I can do also.. Good tip.. The other way I just burn SP 120 on DVD Recorder not the one in the PC as those never come out right.

    So you're using Linux Server box right.. I running 2x Windows Server 2003 and 1 is for my HTPC now prior MCE 2005 then XP Pro. Tip for you on the Xtreme N Router if you using any of the Gig ports use one port into a 8-port Gig switch will give you better throughput and take the load off the router. I run a mix environment so I still need 100 boxes for my 7x network media streaming players. This is the way I heading.. I do run media streaming wireless and that has come out great using eithernet converter wireless bridge.

    I've posted my results here on Youtube small video showing wireless network audio and video streaming:

    ISPEED TS Rookie

    i am not using the linux box as my server its just one of the pcs i have connected to the network i havnt got into the media center software part just yet i am still building the hardware. should be finished this week. looks like you have alot of tips that will be very helpfull to my setup i am probably going to try both windows MCE and the linux stuff but i am an extreme novice when it comes to linux
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    I bought a D-link router recently and it recommended me to install Network Magic which I find it very useful. Unfortunately, after a few hours of running and updating, it started to went crazy and keep giving me the same error of 0x8000ffff...

    I have been in touch with the troubleshoot team at Pure Networks and tried all their solutions but none of them work... The exact same error keep haunting both computers of mine. And I think now they are at a loss too.

    However, I still think it's a great tool overall, though. Just don't install (and update it later) from a CD, which according to them will result in lots of technical issues. Download the latest version directly from their site instead.
  5. Nirkon

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    Have you tried completely uninstalling it? with a tool like Your Uninstaller, it will remove files as well as registry entries, then after the uninstall, download the latest from their website, and install that version.

    good luck
  6. airbornex

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    Not sure if it does the same thing, but I was told to run the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility and run their Platform Cleanup Tool, which did not work.
  7. Nirkon

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    Well, Windows Installer Cleanup Utility removes entries of failed/partial installs, so no, its not the same... but I dont know what the platform cleanup tool is.
  8. airbornex

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    I think it is something Pure Networks make to fix some technical issues...

    Thanks for your suggestion and I think I will give it a try. ;)
  9. tipstir

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    Don't use Network Magic as in time you'll soon realize it's real pain to work with. If you have Vista you don't need Network Magic. This program was for those who used XP but you really don't need to use this program in any case.
  10. raybay

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    For the new user, or the user just beginning to become familiar with the problems of Networks and networking, Network Magic is very good... certainly worth the few troubles. Many of our clients use it with good results... and it gives a set of common communication links.
    Most people can get by with the free version... I don't see the value in continuing the paid version.
    It may be better if you are a VISTA user, but if you are NEW to the confusions of VISTA, it remains a very helpful program.
  11. jobeard

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    Yes, Vista has it's own version of the service. For XP users, N.M is
    not difficult to use or learn and the network map makes nice documentation.

    There was a glitch after applying several MS updates (isn't there always :) ) and
    the symptoms were nasty messages on attempting to start the service.

    Solution was trivial:
    uninstall, reboot, reinstall (even the same version).

    Nice part was no necessity to install and start another service (ie: LLTP) and does
    not rely upon SSDP either.
  12. tipstir

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    Well DLINK and most of the other routers out there can also take advantage of the XP SSDP and UPnP services. Under My Network Places you can now have the DLINK wireless router appear for this example.. If users don't have a problem with Networks Magic then okay, but if they do well..
  13. jobeard

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    Personally, I have disabled SSDP and UPnP for security issues.

    Well all need to evaluate choices.

    Caveat Emptor and best wishes to all
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