network tracking software?

By therealdeal329
May 15, 2004
  1. does any one know if there is any type of software that will allow you to track internet usage/ network usuage, not sure if this would be available only on servers. i have 2 laptops (winxp home) and a pc on win xp pro... i guess its sort of like the networking tab located in the task manager.. but it seems that it only gives me the option to view the usage on the system itself and not all 3....
  2. SNGX1275

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    Netpeeker is free to try, and free but limited after 30 days, it can keep logs and such, and you can limit programs to certain speeds ect.
    DUMeter is a smaller less obtrusive program, it doesn't have any real features, but it can log stuff, and it keeps records of bandwidth used for the day/week/month. I used it all the time to monitor how much I was dling (not cause I had to just out of curiosity) but then it corrupted itself somehow and I haven't reinstalled.
  3. therealdeal329

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    thanks i'll give those a try, yeah im just testing out of curiosity as well, when i was at work friday the system admin shut down my network access because he saw a huge spike in the network, and it was coming from my computer... i was doing some link checking on different IP's at the same time, so that spike must've scared them... but thats what got me interested in checking out my home network..
  4. poertner_1274

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    Pretty much any bandwidth monitoring tool will have logging. I use bandwidth monitor, but as SNGX suggested DUmeter works well.
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