Networking a printer on XP (32) with a Vista64, and 7 64 Machines

By jsmileb
Dec 5, 2009
  1. I posted this query over on the networking board, but really do not know if I am dealing with a network or driver issue.

    Currently we are using an HP 3015 All-In-One on an older Dell 9100 running XP Media Center 2005. I am stumped as to how to get a Win7(64) machine and a Vista 64 machine to recognize the XP printer. I can locate the printer via a wired router from the Vista and 7 machines. But an error message appears that I need a driver. I have hooked up the printer to the Win 7 and Vista machines individually and the driver automatically loads. Printer works fine. That tells me that the drivers are present on the Vista 64 and the 7 64 machines, but when I go back to having the printer attached to the XP machine, I cannot print from the V/64 or 7/64 machines and I am told I need a driver. I downloaded the Vista 64 driver onto the XP machine, but cannot get it to install. I have printer sharing turned on. Does the Vista 64 driver have to be present on the XP machine? I have run the install disk on both the V/64 and the 7/64 machines and it asks if I want to install the printer directly or is it on a network. I reply network, but the search reveals no printer even though I can find the printer on the network map.

    Alternately, is a cable / adapter available that would allow me to split the printer cable via USB? It would need to be "backward" splitter, meaning that the printer cable that would conventionally plug into the computer would need to split into two receptacles for two USB cables?

    I am really stumped on this one!!!!
  2. kimsland

    kimsland Ex-TechSpotter Posts: 14,523

    Local printer > TCP/IP connected
    Now you would think that's a network printer, but obviously not.

    Anyway, can't you just get a ethernet connected printer and plug it in directly to a hub?
    I mean sharing on USB will likely just pull down the network speed a bit (especially on the poor XP machine).

    Also, as a long shot try the auto detect in this post:
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