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By jenclayton
Feb 2, 2012
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  1. I am new to networking. We have a small network in our office. We received had to replace our a few old computer with xp. Windows 7 is our new computer. Everything seems to be working great with file sharing. Our main computer that everyone works off recently became not accessible to certain computers with XP. We switched to TrendMicro with the new computers. Our old computers used Panda, and we do not have access to the firewall. I uninstalled one of the xp computers with TrendMicro; however, that didn't work. It pops open a window stating the computer is not accessible. Please contact administrator. Everyone is networked to the same "WORKGROUP." When the main computer is shut down and restarted, everyone can use it for a short period of time. Any advice?
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    XP needs the LTDR (responder) installed and made active; see
    hmm; someone *MUST* get control of the FW on all systems - - usually the admin account. While working on the symptoms reported here, DISABLE your TrendMicro, Panda, and all other such tools
    All Windows 7 system need to be declared as a WORK network and enable Simple Print/File Sharing.

    The XP system will need the same Simple Print/File Sharing.

    ALL systems will need the firewall to enable Simple Print/File Sharing

    The TCP setup is correct when every system can ping every other system using the IP address.

    The File Sharing is correct when all systems can map a common drive (whichever you are using for shared documents) and map+open the Shared Folder.

    Now once this works, you can take ONE XP & ONE Windows 7 system and enable your Antivirus software. If you start to see problems again, then it is in the Antivirus.

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