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Nov 9, 2004
  1. hi,
    I am trying to set up a home network. I have a dlink 624 router and a desktop attached to it. My laptop has a wireless card (dell 1350). I am able to connect to the internet wirelessly but cannot set up a "home network" between the computers. I am not "seeing" my laptop on my desktop and vice versa. My wife, using the laptop at work is able to connect to the servers at work wirelessly. Any suggestions as to what may be the problem....
    Oh - I was able to get this to work previously when I hadnt installed SP2 on my desktop - threw that in for whatever it is worth.
  2. CAG

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    I have a D-Link router on my pc which I've linked to a laptop using a D-Link wireless adapter and another pc using a Linksys wireless adapter. First, you need to set up the router to your cable internet connection and your pc using the instruction some point during the installation, you'll be given the option to encrypt this using the 64 or 128-bit encryption option and inputting the appropriate hex code. After this is set up and your pc has an internet connection thru the router, you then need to set up the wireless connection on the laptop (the Dell 1350) using the same 64 or 128-bit encrption hex code and whatever instructions the Dell 1350 has. One of the problems you may be having is that internal wireless cards do not have the range of external adapters. So, you may want to keep both machines close to each other during the set-up process. Also, just to keep things level, you may want to install SP2 on the laptop.

  3. The Best Alias

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    Just tossing out the obvious since both machines can see the default gateway but not each other. Are both machines members of the same workgroup? Is file & print sharing enabled on both machines? Is there possibly some "firewall software" on one or both machines that is misconfigured thus blocking communication?
  4. katz

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    Thanks very much for your responses. I have already configured my laptop and desktop with the appropriate WEP and as I mentioned, I am able to connect to the internet wirelessly through my laptop. Both the computers have SP2 installed and yesterday I also upgraded the firmware for the dlink router and even that was of no avail.

    I have tried to shut off the firewall in both the computers (this is a new feature in SP2) and even then they do not see each other. The error message is on the lines of (do not remember exact words). " you do not have permission to access the (other computer) contact administrator"
    I cannot think of a single thing I voluntarily did that denies me access.
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    Some basics to get the comps seeing eachother: Make sure both are in same Workgroup(go to system properties, on the Computer name tab you'll see the workgroup name, change them to match) get the ip of each machine using ipconfig and try to ping them from eachother, if you can't but both can acces internet through the router, you may still have firewall or Internet security software blocking. Also make sure you have file and printer sharing enabled on both systems.
    For further help go here: There is an excellent guide there to setting up file and printer sharing.

    PS: If the laptop is used to log into servers at your wife's work, it may be set up on a domain, this could be a problem because you can't set up a workgroup if there is a domain. I'm sure a workaround exists, if someone knows of one I'd like to know because it would save lots of headaches for me at work.
  6. katz

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    You hit the problem - it does look like the laptop is on a domain at my wifes place of work. So - if you know of a way to work around that for home networking, I would be grateful
  7. X-Humed

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    My other half's work laptop is also set to a work specific domain, but i found i could connect to pc's on my home network with it by mapping a network drive to a shared drive on a specific ip or machine name on the home network, and clicking the bit where it says 'connect as a different user' (or words to that effect) and entering the username and password of an account on the home machine i'm connecting to. ( i *believe* the account has to have a password set, but all my home machines have the same username and password anyway)

    i'm using a D-Link DI 604, which i believe is just the none wireless version of the one you're using (and so, obviously, the connection is wired, not wireless!), but once connected it can browse the shared drive perfectly fine.

    oh, don't know if it makes a difference, but i have the network guest account disabled on all the home machines ( right click 'my computer', manage, somewhere under accounts).

    sorry about some vagueness in there, but i'm at work at the moment!

    hope that helps :)
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