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New ABIT motherboard... no sound drivers!

By chelfsh9
Dec 10, 2005
  1. I need help!
    So, I just had a new motherboard put in my computer, (ABIT)... and as soon as I get home from the computer store I realize that I have no sound. In the device manager I see that there is a yellow question mark next to the "multimedia devices"! I don't understand how this happens with a new motherboard. If anyone has any clue about why this would happen and how to fix it... I would appreciate it. My last computer had a sound card that was not on the motherboard so it was very easy to download drivers if needed. This one doesn't seem to be so simple. Please HELP!
    Thank you. (In advance) :0)
  2. chrismg84

    chrismg84 TS Rookie

    if you are using onboard sound Go to abits website and download the sound drivers for your mobo. Should come in a setup.exe file. run then reboots. If you have a separate soundcard, do the same. just go to the manufacturers website.
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