New Beta 29.42 Detonator drivers

By VoodooHellfire
Jun 3, 2002
  1. Okay, I mentioned in the news post that I would post my findings here in the forums, so here it is. All I've had time to test so far is 3dMark 2001SE. So far, I'm not impressed. I mean, their not bad, but not good either. Just as a prelude here, I'm not much of a benchmark person. I mean, most days now, the 3dmark scores are more of a test of processor and video...not just video. So, Nvidia goes out and tweaks their drivers a bit, and because you didn't just go sell your kid to get the newest processor, you don't see much....anyways...that's my rant....Here's my results.

    Older drivers (28.90): 7395 3DMarks (or whatever)
    New drivers (29.42): 7313 3DMarks

    That's right, they went down. I know, it only went down 82 points, but that's not the point (pardon the pun). Point is, it shouldn't have gone down. long as JK2 and UT and all that still play at blazing framerates, I really don't care. And maybe it's just my system and it's a fluke. If it is, then if other people post their results, we'll be able to tell.

    System specs:
    1200 MHz AMD T-Bird
    512MB PC-133 Ram
    GeForce 4 4400 Ti
    ASUS A7V (200MHz bus)
    and so on, and so forth....
  2. baddog5454

    baddog5454 TS Rookie

    I tried these 29.42's and only gained a few points,
    from the 28.90's,but they ARE INDEED SIGNED,(WHQL),
    therefore I will keep them installed.
  3. VoodooHellfire

    VoodooHellfire TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 33

    Yeah, I saw that, too..they are most definitely signed, which is a step in the right direction, just can explain the point loss, it's fine though.
  4. JAV

    JAV TS Rookie Posts: 210


    Sac, eh? Hi neighbor, I'm 300mi S. of ya. :cool:

    Have you tried "Fresh Diagnose"? It allows benchmark of the video only, or CPU, or ... Small download, lotsa system info & free. :grinthumb

    29.20 has showed the highest improvements for my GF2MX400, but I haven't tried anything newer. RCW & JKII demos render just fine, so ... :D

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