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Feb 3, 2008
  1. Hi, I just recently completed my first computer build. The specs are listed in my profile. I have everything hooked up (hdd, cd, vid card, etc) everything powers on when I turn on the computer (all fans operate, cd will spin, hard drive whirs), but I get nothing on my display. If I disconnect the monitor cable the display tells me to check the cable. After reconnecting the cable the screen reverts to power saving mode.

    I have a connector on the mobo that says speaker (it' hooked up) but I have not heard any beeps or other sounds

    According to other posts here, it could be a misconnected power conection, a ram chip issue, a bad mobo, :( or a cpu fan hooked to the wrong location.

    My mobo has about 5 fan connections - I have 3 fans (intake, rear exhaust, cpu)

    I have tried disconnecting all extraneous peripherals but cannot get the computer to post.
  2. raybay

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    Do you have a floppy drive installed? The tracking down of the problem is easier (for me) with a floppy disk drive to which you can boot a Windows 98, Window ME, or DOS MS DOS disc.
    If no floppy, disconnect your hard drive, and attempt a boot to a simple CD such as a Windows 98 CD.
    Think of ways to get down to the most basic, fundamental setup... floppy disc or CD drive, one memory module, video graphics card, power supply connected.
    Then attempt a cold boot using SAFE MODE. If you get nothing on the screen in SAFE MODE, the problem has been narrowed down to power supply, memory module, or video graphics error.
    You eliminate everything you can, to start... then when you get something on the screen, diddle with it, then add a component until you make it fail again.
  3. techntrouble

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    problem fixed

    well, mostly:

    I removed the second ram chip and tried powering up & that worked. I hesitated doing that because the chips are so dang hard to seat - especially with the mobo installed.

    now I just need to figure out where to put the second chip to have it work like it does now.

    Thanks for all the help
  4. nickc

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    maybe a bad bad ram chip then try the one u had out on the board and see if it will post.
  5. bmaytum

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    BIOS POST Troubleshooting

    Sounds like you've narrowed it down to RAM. Did you set BIOS RAM voltage = manufacturer's spec (eg look @ mfgrs website for specs).

    Good guide for general BIOS troubleshooting here
  6. Bruce2

    Bruce2 TS Rookie

    Did you insert the other stick of ram in the same color connector?
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