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New build - XP/RAM/SATA conflict issues.

By Jimpsta
Dec 8, 2004
  1. OK - problem and initial suggestion for solution that I could do with someone who knows way more than me commenting on!

    New Build featuring:

    P4 3.2
    MSI ATX PT8-neo-V (7043) Motherboard
    Seagate 160bg SATA Drive
    RAM - first attempt 512 PC 2700 - second attempt 259 PC4000
    New 450 PSU


    (extra unimportant gubbins - generic DVD drive / Graphics & Sound card / Floppy Drive)

    Power-up - everything fine (tho no RAM counting compared to all my old PCs..)
    looks to boot from network then CD
    Begins system Config check
    Takes Seagate RAID drivers
    Hangs consistantly on error message that MS Knowledge base says is bad RAM module (only 1 installed so atleast thats easy)


    at support microsoft com for more on it

    Then replace with new ram... goes past hanging point to the 'install XP - select drive' choices - only is one so chose it - Brings up 'Cannot install on this drive - the drive may be damaged' Try partition to see if that works around it - nope.
    Back to hanging at the first RAM error message!

    Have had it suggested that something is up with the SATA and it is causing the bad reading of the RAM (as in nether slot of RAM is bad) and the inability to install XP on it. Said using an IDE would solve.

    Now for me to do this I need either buy new IDE - which I otherwise don't need as I just bought the new SATA - or need to install my old IDE HD on another machine - lift everything off it - wipe it and use it as a fresh install.

    Three MAJOR Questisons:
    1) THink this may work?
    2) How do I completely wipe the old IDE so that the OS on it (ME) won't kick cause conflicts?
    3) Will the SATA be able to be installed after as just a #pure# storage area?

    ANyone any ideas before I spend hours trying to get everything off the old IDE?

    Much appreciated.
  2. FoCuSrUcKuS

    FoCuSrUcKuS TS Rookie

    I noticed that you said that it took the raid drivers are you going to be using raid?...do you have 2 80gig drives....????did you make any adjustments to the bios?....you might need to turn on the Sata Raid option...i did on mine.....
  3. Jimpsta

    Jimpsta TS Rookie Topic Starter

    half-house solution..

    It was one 160G Seagate Barracuda drive - stuck in the IDE and was surprised to see WinME happily chew into the new CPU/Motherboard combo... had assumed it wouldn't take to so many new components (thats the myth out there ain't it).

    So used that to install the SATA using Seagates win-install friendly device manager. Needless to say the RAM was fine despite the installation errors saying it was shot. Seems a very poor compatibility from Microsoft if a clean install of XP on a P3.2/MSI Motherboard/Seagate HD/Crucial RAM won't work - not exactly obscure components...

    Thanks for the help. Not sure if I can even be bothered upgrading to XP - will run a linux/ME combo... Bill had his chance.

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