New comp and bad opengl performance

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Sep 1, 2004
  1. K, guys and girls really need some help here. Bought a amd 64 3200 comp, and after getting it all set up I installed far cry . Ran awesome! So I installed Doom 3 and my old go back to game Soldier of fortune 2. Well here is where I went wth? Seams any open gl games lack performance, framrates drop to 20s. All windows up to date and drivers also. Is there somthing im missing? All bios settings seam to be ok as does direct x. If anyone as the slightest suggestion please come forth! I was reading somthing about drivers and it said somthing to do with ati and amd 64 having problems with open gl. Anyone know of this?
    System specks:
    Board: FIC K8-800T Via K8T800/8237
    Bus Clock: 200 megahertz
    BIOS: Phoenix Technologies, LTD 6.00 PG 12/15/2003
    2.00 gigahertz AMD Athlon 64
    128 kilobyte primary memory cache
    1024 kilobyte secondary memory cache
    160.04 Gigabytes Usable Hard Drive Capacity
    147.92 Gigabytes Hard Drive Free Space
    1024 Megabytes Installed Memory
    Slot 'A0' has 512 MB
    Slot 'A1' has 512 MB
    Windows XP Professional Service Pack 1
    128MB DDR ATI Radeon 9800 Pro [Display adapter]
    DELL M992 [Monitor]
    SONY DVD RW DW-U18A [CD-ROM drive]
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    Hmmmm... not sure why you'd be going that low in performance. Have you tried out the beta Catalyst 4.9 which supposedly enhance Opengl performance? I haven't seen anything dip that low in opengl performance - except occasionally in Doom 3 - but SoF2 is like butter.
  3. Mictlantecuhtli

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  4. FeTaLDaMagE

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    Tried it LNC with not luck. Man i'm stumped, any other ideas?After changing from ati card to Nvidia there was no change, thats when I noticed that niether card shows agp settings...They are both blank and cant access either of them to change in windows. Bios shows 8x and right meg 128. Bios setting or somthing mabe? As this bios has settings in it I'v never seen before, guess its because of amd 64 series I guess. Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  5. FeTaLDaMagE

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    Ok, I figured out part of my problem. I bought the computer configed with fx 5700 Nivida card. It uses some vga mode with the agp slot. When I run sisoftware sandra it says, "The AGP bus is disabled." Now where and how can I enable this? I don't see anything specific that says enable or disable agp. Please someone help me I'm going insane.....And its a short trip. :)
  6. jstillion

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    Check your bios settings for AGP - Enabled / Disabled
  7. FeTaLDaMagE

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    AGP Divider/PCI Divider
    Options: Various ratios
    This takes the FSB and chops it up to make the AGP clock. Normally, you would want the AGP clock to be 66MHz, so divide the FSB accordingly. On <800MHz Celerons (66MHz FSB), you should have this at 1/1. On 100MHz FSB CPUs like Durons, some Athlons, and some P3s, it needs to be 2/3. Athlon XPs, some Athlons, and other P3s use a 133MHz FSB, so you should set it to 1/2. Newer Pentium 4s use a 133MHz FSB while older ones ran on a quad-pumped 100MHz FSB.

    You don't want that AGP bus running at something stupid like 100MHz or 133MHz. Some systems have a 1/3 divider. Feel free to crank that FSB up to 166MHz and set the AGP divider to 1/3. (Yikes!) Usually, the PCI clock is taken from the AGP clock so if you're in spec with the AGP then the PCI will also be in spec. PCI runs at exactly half the frequency of AGP.

    The top AGP clock you should expect to work with all cards is 70MHz. By the time we reach 85MHz, hardly anything is going to work since PCI would be running at 43MHz, 10MHz above the 33MHz spec. Here's some useless historical trivia: Cyrix MII chips sometimes use 83MHz bus speeds. Guess what speed the AGP is? Yep, 83MHz (well, sometimes it's 2/3 and 56MHz) and the PCI clock is out of spec as well. Don't expect it to work.

    The PCI divider is also like this setting, and the same logic applies, but you're aiming for a 33MHz bus and not a 66MHz one.
    Here is what mine is doing, is there any way that any one knows to make the board read my agp slot as a standard agp? Surely there is a settng or jumper somewhere but I cant find info to change anywhere...........Please help me stormbringer, phantasm, diduo, or many of the experts; to many to list.
  8. FeTaLDaMagE

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    OK, FOUND IT! In bios it has to be set to pci video in oder to read agp. Otherwise if set to agp it uses the pci/agp bus divider. So I be gaming! \m/(-_-)\m/ Rock on! Thanks to those who tried to help!
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