New computer freeze when playing wow

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hello everyone ,for start is my first post and i want to thank in advance to ppl for reading about my trouble , im a average computer user , i know few things but im looking for some good advise as i still dont know what could be the problem in my new pc and if is worthy to try to solve or try to get my money back!

i bought recently a refurbished from factory advent qc-6003 , it's a fast computer for its price ,i bought a pny geforce 9400gt 512m, installed vista and played some warcraft and it was crashing every half n hour , lock ups , no alt f4 no crt +alt +del , frozen screen , no sound , press power button was the only thing to do.

i went for the gpu drivers , updated them , os drivers windows vista x64 updated aswell , there are some drivers that driver robot say that could be updated but i dont think they are the source of the problem.

Then i noticed that the case is quite small for a desktop and it just have a small extractor fan , appart of gpu fan , so i opened and keep it open and also i took off 2 g of ram ( i read too much ram can be a problem since my psu is only 350w Foxconn ISO-450PP 350w PSU ) and now it can play for few of hours without freeze but then freezes and then keeps doing it every few minutes. ( so i have to stop completely )

i read in some user reviews that apparently is a problem with the motherboard (Intel DG45ID mainboard) design and pci express gpu that produces over heating , but i think with the case open that problem should be fixed am i right?

read aswell some advent qc 6300 users had same problems with onboard audio drivers and that post reccomended to update the bios , is that a safe move?

most important... can this lock ups do a permanently damage to my machine? shall i stop playing until i got a solution?

is that gpu overheating? system overheating ? i did run speedfan and gpu was 59C after last lock up(couple of minutes after it went to 54C) and cpu was only 45C ,motherboard was 35C ( it also says couple of values i dont understand :ICH 75C and MCH 69C )

sound drivers problem? bios update is safe?

psu too small 350w?

shall i contact the guy who sold it to me and try to ask my money back ??? if is fixable i prefer to do it , i got this pc for 230 pounds and i dont think i will get anything like this that cheap , but i dont want to buy a trouble tho.

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Advent QC6003 PC

CPU Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200 (2.33GHz)
BIOS Press F2 to enter
Motherboard Intel DG45ID
Memory 6GB DDR2 PC2-5300 667MHz (4 memory slots. Max 8GB)
Hard Drive 640GB SATA II
CD Drive DVD±RW Supermulti
Video Card Integrated Intel GMA X4500HD
Sound Card IDT 92HD73E HD Audio Codec
Network Intel 82567LF Gigabit (10/100/1000 Mb/s) Ethernet LAN controller
Ports (front) 1x Microphone
1x Headphone
2x USB 2.0
1x Media Card Reader
Ports (rear) 1x HDMI
1x DVI
6x USB 2.0
1x IEE1394 (FireWire)
1x eSATA
1x LAN
1x Optical Digital Line-Out
5x Audio Input/Output
Keyboard Chicony KR-0350 Wireless RF
Mouse Chicony MR-0350T Wireless


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the ICH is the south bridge chip and MCH is the north bridge chip. ICH 75C and MCH 69C doesnt sound good to me. try opening the case and put a desk fan blowing into the case and see if that fixes anything


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I have had some issues with WoW locking up on my computer also. My specs aren't even similar to yours, and it only happens very rarely. But I have done some digging especially on the WoW tech forums and there are a lot of complaints about WoW locking up like u have described, especially after the most recent 2 or 3 patches. Anyways, what I'm getting at does your computer only lock up with play WoW or while playing any other games? It could be an issue just with WoW - which is sadly a bit to common.

I know I had an issue with my WoW b/c Vent didn't like the version of Avast! I was running but only when WoW was running also, and would cause my computer randomly to do a hard crash.
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hi thanks for reading , unfortunately not , yesterday after start locking up in games did it when playing dvd's , so today i took off the video card and apparently goes ok , right after playing for 2 or 3 hours temperatures motherboard 38C ich 76C mch 63C and cpu 54C , higher than before but no lockups so it maybe to be the graphic card!

im going to play some more this evening to see and i will check it maybe with one of those torture test to check if system still stable.

i wonder if is going to be that geforce 9400gt or it will be wrong with any other video card , do you think this small psu 350w could be a problem?



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Sounds like you need more cooling. First off, get a larger case, and install 120mm fans with high volume.
Another thing to look at is the CPU heat-sink and fan. Most of the Intel processors do not come with adequate cooling.
I replaced my stock CPU HS with a Zalman that is 4X as big, and put a 120mm high volume fan on top of it.
That lowered temp by 20C!

The GPU should have its own fan, but unless you remove the heat from it and the CPU from the case itself, you will have problems.

It is not adequate to simply open the side of the case. If the CPU is overheating due to inefficient heat sink, opening the case won't help much. You really need active cooling, not just convection that is what you are getting by opening the side of the case.
You might also add another fan to the front of the new case. It helps to push the air into the case. Also, look for large bundles of wiring that get in the way of cooling to the GPU and CPU. Re-route as necessary.

I would avoid playing the games that cause the lock-up until you can get this problem fixed.
You will eventually burn something out if you allow the overheating problem to persist.

With the larger case, you might want to consider a larger PSU as well, as it will run cooler if running well below its max capacity.

Note that if you choose to replace the heat sink on the CPU yourself, it can be very tricky. You need to be careful when removing the old HS, and make sure you have the right amount (not too little, not too much) thermal compound between the CPU plate and the base of the heat sink.

Before you mess with the CPU heat sink, I would first go with a larger case, and more fan power. You may not need to upgrade the PSU.
Take one step at a time so you don't end up spending more money and time than is necessary.

Hope this helps, and that I didn't scare you off.

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well i been using the computer for the last 2 days with no problem without the geforce gpu , but yesterday put the video card again with a more demanding game , crysis , and i opened the case and put a desk fan blowing inside and after 1 hour playing it froze again!...

i guess is not only cooling because temperature were lower than before ich 63C mch 66C cpu die -54 hdo 38C only thing was higher was gpu 67C . but i may be wrong if the card and cpu stock cooling fans arent powerful enuff , but i think a desk fan really does some cooling down isnt it? omg im so confused!

it happened when a massive sound of the game from an explosion happened and then stopped again , i took off the card and played wiw integrated card and even if temperatures went really high like mb 39C ich 80C mch 60C hd0 50C it didnt stop.

still thinking that psu 350w is a bit small for this computer also , in windows solutions says i have a problem wiw Sigmatel C-major audio driver , and when u playing at some point it just stop working , thing is with the integrated card when it happens , computer still working fine , i only get the error message but even the sound still working.... whith the geforce card i cant really see if gives error message or not coz when whatever happens it just freeze. :(



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350W is much too low!! That is your problem right there!
I had a 9600GT and experienced problems when using it with my 500W power supply. A good power supply is always a worthy upgrade, and one that will withstand the test of time quite well. Depending on your budget, I'd go 600+. Once you upgrade your psu, you'll be able to put your 2GB of RAM back in, as well.

I'd suggest that be the FIRST thing you upgrade, aside from your cpu heatsink if you find it to be in fact inadequate. If you are still having problems, buy a case with more airflow.
I have same problem. in the same computer. i have changed psu to 620w problem still exist. when i using gf 9400 gt
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