New Computer Lag= BF2

By coolioali47
Dec 27, 2005
  1. Hi, i've had battlefield 2 since the summer when it came out. a week later i got my internet and started playing online- i have dsl. i never really had lag problems until a month or two ago. I started downloading movies from bit torrent and bearshare :( i quit doing that since i know wut it does to my pc.
    i think due to that now im getting lag, someone please help me

    My Computer Specs
    AMD Athllon XP 3200+
    2.20 GHz, 1.00 GB of Ram
    200 gb of Hard Drive
    standard sound card
    video card= nvidia 6800 gt 256 mb ram :)

    my computer now a days is killing me, wut could be the problem. i scan for viruses and etc weekly but i think i got rid of them all and same with bearshare and bit torrent
  2. MrK66

    MrK66 TS Rookie


    Have you tries scanning your computer for spyware? You could download Spybot Search & Destroy and Lavasoft Adaware. Install them and update them to the latest difinitions and restart your PC. Once restared, scan your PC first with Adware and the by Spybot. They both search in different ways so they find different spyware. Update your antivirus program regulary and scan your PC with it too. You could also restart your PC in Failsafe mode and scan it again with all of the above. Let me now if that helps!

    Merry X-mas and happy new year!
  3. Sharkfood

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    My advice is similar, but I'd add a few things also:
    1) As already mentioned, get Spybot & Lavasoft Adaware- run their autoupdates and run them. I'd also say pick up AVG free antivirus and run it if you don't already have an antivirus program.
    2) Battlefield2 does not run well on a fragmented disk. Be sure to run defrag on the partition with the game, and the partition with My Documents (if they are on different partitions). It puts it's shader cache in My Documents so this can impact performance also.
    3) Use an unfragmented, static sized pagefile for best results on a 1 gig system. The easiest way to unfragment your pagefile is:
    - disable virtual memory totally and reboot (set "No Paging File" on the partition where it's currently located)
    - After reboot, run defrag on that partition
    - After defrag completes 100%, set the pagefile with the same min and max size. You can pick the recommended size, or try like 1536/1536 for a 1 gig system is usually ample for most users.

    Also, if you've recently upgraded to Special Forces add-on, there are a few other tips/tricks you can try to improve game performance. MANY people have experienced performance degradation after this add-on, but there are some fixes to help with this.
  4. coolioali47

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    thnxs guys for all the tips. as for the spyware ive downloaded all those programs- spy bot search and destroy also ad aware but i still get same thing

    what ive done is change my game settings to medium and i saw some improvments but ive always played with the settings on high, so why all of a sudden

    thanks again
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