New computer speakers 2.1

By Grolubao
Oct 17, 2004
  1. Hi to all!
    I live in Portugal, and in here few people cares about really good
    speakers. Because of that the choice is a bit limited.
    I used to have a set of Monsoon MM-1000 and I loved it! They were by
    far the best speakers I´ve had, but now the left sattelite began a
    strange noise and so I decided to buy a new set of speakers.
    I´ve bought the Logitech Z-2200 and I´ve very disapointed, the
    speakers are very agressive, and have lot´s of high´s and mid´s. The
    sound is very crunchy and being used to the monsoon for about one and
    an half year, it´s really disapointing.
    I´m going to return the Logitech´s, but I must buy new ones.
    I already know that monsoon closed the deal, so I wanted some advice on
    the new speakers. I´ll basically hear music and games, not much for
    I have access to Creative, Altec, Logitech and the Klipsch Promedia GMX
    A-2.1 but I´ve read some report of some hissing.
    I´m really picky about sound, and I want something good and surround
    is not important to me. It´s just, at this price you can already get some monitors...
    I´ve searched musicstore and came up with the following monitors for the same price. Will these be better than some "ordinary" PC speakers?

    "B 2030A Truth Studiomonitor aktiv, 6,5/1""

    "PM-05 Studiomonitor aktiv,

    B 2031A Truth Studiomonitor aktiv 8/1"

    "MSP 3 Studiomonitor aktiv, 4" Bass/7/8" HT, 40w"

    And some Roland...

    Thanks in advance to all!
    Rafael Franco
  2. Liquidlen

    Liquidlen TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,094

    If you are truly as picky as you say you are and I believe you .You should simply listen to the speakers in the store and purchase the ones that sound the best to you.The major Speaker Companies all make quality speakers .Studio monitors are just that and they are designed for highly specified circumstances.For example Accoustically prepared rooms,match speaker size to the space between them, etc.You should take all this into consideration when choosing Studio quality speakers especially for a computer which is generally not used for Hi-fidelity entertainment.
  3. young&wild

    young&wild TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 993

    Generally speaking they should be. You might want to get some reviews on these equipment to make sure that one of them will suit your needs.
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