New Custom-PC. Powers up No POST. Please help! Very desperate!

By elFlaco
Aug 30, 2007
  1. Hey all .. this is a good one and I would so appreciate anyone that can help. I'd fly out to you and shake your hand personally haha. I've built this PC over a year ago and been at it off and on ever since! I start my pilot training and the PC would be great to run Flight Sim X and would help me greatly. Now I'm stuck using an old, cheap, and slow Sempron just to get me online. Here goes:

    This is a list of all the parts I ordered a year ago this first time for this pc:

    Memory: PQI 1024MB Dual Channel DDR2 PC5400 667MHz (2x512)
    CPU Cooling Fan: Thermaltake Golden Orb II Cooler for Intel 775 AMD
    M/B: Intel D955XBKLKR Socket 775 Motherboard
    CPU: Intel Pentium D 820 2.8gGHz DT 800FSB Socket 775
    Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 6800 GS 512MB PCIe w/DVI/TV-OUT
    HDD: Maxtor 250GB SATA-3G HD 7200/16MB/SATA-3G

    *Other various components included a floppy drive, dvd-rom drive, and a dvd-rw drive.

    1.) The first time I assembled everything using all precautions, (I had been custom building PCs for 12 years before this, and had several successful PCs built for myself and others to this point) I went to first up the PC and I got nothing. The monitor got a signal and the light on the power button on the monitor would sometimes go from yellow to green and sometimes not. I don't recall hearing any beeps, and all the fans spun up as well as the HDD & cd-rom drives had power. After several trial and error runs of power-ups nothing changed. I was convinced maybe the M/B or CPU was defected. I called Tiger Direct and they exchanged the M/B & CPU to me for a brand new one of the exact same kind for no cost. (Great aren't they?) Connected everything to the new M/B & new CPU ... and still nothing. Same problem.

    2.) Next I thought maybe the stock Power Supply wasn't enough for this great setup. I went to Best Buy and purchased a NEO Antec SLI-ready 550W PS for $150.00. Connected everything back up ... and nothing. Same problem. In the meantime, my uncle who works for the DOD in Sacramento, CA was visiting. He is a computer engineer. He examined it and we could not come to an immediate conclusion. Granted he did not have any tools or resources with him at the time. I then brought it up to a local computer repair shop, where they had it for almost 6 months! Only to find ... nothing. They couldn't do a thing. So I took my un-working, new PC back.

    3.) Desperate, I ordered a brand new Motherboard, and kept the same CPU. I ordered a new ASUS P5N SLI-ready M/B with similiar specs as the Intel one. Hooked everything up and fired it up. Here's where it gets interesting ... It worked! I actually received a POST Screen and was able to access the BIOS! However; apparently my CPU Cooling fan wasn't doing the trick. I received a warning from the BIOS and the computer would power off to prevent overheating of the CPU. Great!

    4.) So I ordered a top-of-the line CPU Cooler (don't remember the exact kind off hand, the box is in the garage) it was well suited though. Cost me around $70. New heatsink compount, thermal gel and all. So I hooked that up and turned it on and ... back to square one! PC did exactly what it did when I first built it .. nothing. Powered up, but no display, no beeps and no POST. And that's where I left off ....

    Do you think the M/B is shorted? Did the CPU overheat? Is the Power Supply adequate? I'm baffled at why it would work, I replaced the CPU fan and now nada. I had to remove the M/B in order to replace the LGA775 Socket fan. Do you think something happened in between there, and if so what? Please .. any help on this would be appreciated. I'd love for this machine, which I paid good money for, and looked foreward to using for over a year to stop collecting dust and start working!

    Thank you all for your time!!

  2. Tedster

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    gee, you didn't bother to read the no post guide in the guides forum did you?
  3. elFlaco

    elFlaco TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Dude with all due respect, I read it twice. As well as thousands of other content related to this issue throughout the internet. As I stated, it's a unique problem in which I have never encountered, considering I've been building for twelve years. I'm trying to get a collective diagnosis hoping maybe someone had the same thing or there can be one little post that can help. I'm aware of how to troubleshoot hardware issues and I've done that more times then I wish to share with this PC. Dude, I'm scraping the bottom of the barrell with this one, almost on the verge of scrapping the parts and starting over. Please understand
  4. Ididmyc600

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    Dont worry about the Tedster he gets grumpy around lunch time.

    Have you swapped out the keyboard or mouse, i remember reading a post a while back about something similar and that cured it.

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