New Detonator's "Significantly" Improve Performance

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Apr 24, 2002
  1. The 28.90 Detonators have been released and they apparently add 200pts minimum to your 3DMark!

    The link:
    Leaked Detonators

  2. Arris

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    But will they allow me to play Dungeon Siege without errors unlike the 23.83s... thats all I want to know ;)
    They will probably be officially released by the time I get back to the UK and get the chance to try them...
  3. Phantasm66

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    Well, I downloaded these and installed them. Can't say I have noticed too much of a difference in Quake III, still...

    Anyways, when I issue the command

    cg_fpsDRAW 1

    in Quake III, I don't get the fps counter or anything (should I, surely???) I just get it echoed back to the screen like if I merely said it in in-game dialogue....

    what am I doing wrong? I want to measure my fps in Quake III but have never had any reason to do so before now.... So what do I do???
  4. Didou

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  5. JAV

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    1st lab rat report

    Hi all,

    Been playin' with the 28.90 driver for the past 2 days. Compared it to the 23.11 & 28.32 on my 500mhz Celeron w/a GF2 MX 400 64mb PCI. I used 'Riva Tuner' on the drivers (not hardware oc'ing the card) & CPUFSB on the processor. ;)

    I tested them on 'NASCAR 2002' & the multi-graphics adjustable '4x4 Evo 2'. All were run stock & oc'ed. I ran 16-bit & 32-bit. 800x600 & 1024x768. :cool:

    Long story short: the 28.90 gave me 10-15% fps (ie; 30 to 33-34.5 & 40 to 44-46 fps) improvement & 32-bit @1024x768 was a fast as 16-bit @ the same setting. I did notice that the less graphics intensive the 'scene', the greater the % gain. (20fps gained 10% but 50fps gained 15%) :grinthumb

    For my slow system (w/Win98SE) this is a good upgrade. I also found that 'Riva' worked best by oc'ing the drivers, not the card. If you 'set' the driver, the card will oc to that setting. If you oc the card, the driver stays 'stock'. :rolleyes:

    Appears to be a good driver & I don't seem to have any stability problems. A good program for fps is: & the driver is at

  6. Gnarly

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    Detonator 28.90

    I have had the same experience with these Detonators. They provide faster 3D performance than previous versions. I have ran these drivers under XP and 98SE and experienced a 10 - 12% increase in 3D Marks and d3d games. However, I have not yet evaluated these drivers to ascertain if the [assumed] corresponding performance increase is available under OpenGL.
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