New Divx 6 container supposedly better than avi?

By erwin1978
Jul 14, 2005
  1. Any of you tried the new divx 6 format? How good is the authoring program of theirs? I would like to know how comprehensive their subtitling feature most of all.

    I have gazillions of divx 5 videos with pretty neato subtitling effects and animations. How do they do that? I always wondered if the subtitles are part of the frames themselves or are they overlayed on top of the frames during playback?

    A few days ago I came across a video using matroska(mkv) container. It contains the divx video stream and a AAC audio stream. The difference is that you can actually switch subtitles and change the fonts and colors. I thought that was stupendous. It's clearly better than avi.
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