New fan exhale or inhale

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Jun 15, 2005
  1. tom_pearson

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    I can see where your coming from with the side off the case idea.

    When a computer case is closed up you can efficiently channel air around it to cool certain areas.

    When a computer case is opened, it essentially becomes an open space with no limitations for air flow. You cannot succesfully channel cool air.

    The temperature may have increased when you put the side of your case back on, I'm not disputing that. But there are a number of factors involved in why this happened... notably:
    - The ambient temperature of the room
    - How well your case is equipt with fans
    - The size of you case
    - Did you have a desk fan blowing onto the MB?
    and so on

    Ah well... enough said I think! :dead:
  2. IronDuke

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    The fans won't channel but they still dissipate.
  3. Sab3r

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    yes i'm running with the side off since it does lower the temp and also lowers the
    rate at which the cpu fan is turning.

    side panel on: cpu fan rpm 4440 and the temp hasn't really gone up only the rpm
    side panel off: cpu fan rpm 3400 to 3600 cpu temp lowered by 1 degree in C.

    side panel off is better for my system since the fan doesn't run as quickly anymore.
    when it was really hot in my room (say 30-35) the fans rpm went to 5000 and
    it was idling :p .
  4. 1000cc

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    i like to inhale it hold it as long as can . the ideal cooling is to get two nice fans like 2 x120mm 38mm thick Panaflow medium speed to work in a cross wind . if you dont have super sensitive ears or wear headphones when gaming 2 x high speed Panaflow is more than you well ever need " Florida is very warm" but my A.C keep things most of the time around 77 -80 degrees or a bit below 30 celcius . 80mm fans they get loud above 40 CFM . your room temp is critical the warmer it is the more air you want move in and out. with a little butchering you can fit 92mm on cases with 80mm they move more air with less noise than those 80mm. but if you have the room go ahead with 120mm.
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