New Hard Drive Problem... Please help me???

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Feb 14, 2005
  1. Help Me???? :(

    Ok today my dads friend installed for me, a western digital 120gb hard drive, and another 256mb of memory. We got the drive up and runiing and all was fine with it. I then used Norton Ghost 9.0 to copy all my data from drive C: to the new Hard drive D:. It took an 1hour and 10 minutes to do, and then told me and my dads friend to make the new drive the Master and either remove the old drive or keep it in as a slave. so bascially we just unplugged it and kept it for a spare as it was only 10 gb. Anyway we tried to boot up after making the new hard drive the master and it wouldnt boot??? we have had to connect the old hard drive back up to get it to work. Any ideas on whats wrong? Have i missed something out? Please help

    Keibs xxxx
  2. patio

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    Was the drive prepared properly before using Ghost ? ?
    You have to fdisk and format new drives and set them as active in order for them to boot.
    I have used the utilities that ship with WD hard drives and it has come a long way.Use their utility not only to prepare the drive but to clone the old drive onto the new one. Then remove the old drive, set the new as master and re-boot. It should work like a charm.
    Then run Ghost to make an image of the new drive and burn it to CD for backup...

    patio. :cool:
  3. Keibra1

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    Thanks for ur help patio. i formatted in then end. :wave:
  4. secret_squirrel

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    Backing up your data

    OKay here is the deal- first of all- you dont need norton ghost to go thru all that trouble, Instead Windows has in the control panel a neat little program were you can Back up all your data. Depeneding on the size of your HDD- it will take some time. So here's what you do- Keep the old hard dirve, install and back up your files using the windows utility- I would recommend to also make a floppy disk when windows prompts you to do so. Now slave off the old HDD- and install the new One as a Master HDD, once you have installed windows on it- go to the slave Hdd and CLick on your Backup of files and choose "RESTORE ALL FILES"
    and that's it ! Your fiiles will then be re-instated in the NEW HDD.

    Have fun! :wave:

    Secret_squirrel :grinthumb :grinthumb
  5. Samstoned

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    I know this is going to confuse you ,but anyway
    put the original back in
    setup like you had it for ghosting
    download the seagate discwizard tool it will work with any drive
    follow directions for makin a bootable copy to replace the main drive it may ask to format do this first
    if it does not ask look for maintenance section
    I have used this way to many times and it has never failed
    will not work with sata unless you have the drivers installed first.
    don't need the Wd utilitys don't need ghost
    follow the directions for what you want the drive to do and your done
  6. altheman

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    use acronis true image for cloning your hd. its the simplest prog ive used for cloning, and theres no probs afterwards
  7. douglasberry

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    Master sometimes means single - Partition May not be marked Active

    In that situation, 1) you may have to run the drive as "single drive" instead of "master", depending on the pinouts (the logic is that if "master" is chosen, a slave would be present). Some drives use single/master as the same function and it's automatic, but other drives have seperate jumperings for each. Verify this with the jumpering printouts on the top of the drive itself. You can always use "cable select" jumpering as well, and put the master drive at the end of the IDE cable, and see if that works. Also, 2) Ghost 9 may or may not be creating an active partition, if you have simply "copied" the files over to the new drive. Ghost DOS actually performed a 1 to 1 copy, with NTFS, NFS, and some other types of partitions as well, in which case it activated a partition for you automatically. Make sure your ghosting was sector-based copying, and not just dropping files on the destination. One way to make a drive's partition active, in windows, is to hook the new drive up as slave, and fire up windows. Go into control panel, administrative tools, computer management. From there, find Disk Management on the left side. Then look on the right side, and find the drive you are needing to activate. Right click on the drive's partition, which is just to the right in the larger rectangular area, and choose "Make partition active". Shut down, and hook the drive back up with cable select, or single drive, and see if it now boots. I am assuming all this based on your statement that Ghost did its thing properly, and that the drive is a mirrored copy of the original 10gig. I Hope this helps. None of this may be the case with you, but it might be.
  8. patio

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    This will only copy all his files to the new will not be a clone nor will it be a bootable drive.
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