New HiJack Log

By sundoulos_
Jul 20, 2008
  1. i have not been having any problems until today. For no apparent reason IE has been opening to various websites (caught as "changed" by ZoneAlarm and I denied permission) one with redirects specifying PORT 3389 in the address bar (I know = Remote Desktop). This happened for a while until I ran Panda and restarted. After Panda ran, (btw no rootkits) this behavior has stopped. (fyi I do not use IE anyway). I was a little paranoid anyway so I have blocked this computer (via ip filter in router) from internet access. I opened the door during SS&D install and a cmd window popped up and my printer started printing continuous blank pages. Killed cmd window, blocked tcp/udp to computer, and unplugged my printer (only way to get it to stop). I have opened the door a couple of times since (ad-aware, sas updates) with no problems. Besides tracking cookies, I have not had any "hits" on various programs ran.

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