New i975x chipset work with Conroe core CPU's?

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Jan 3, 2006
  1. Well, I'm thinking of spending $250 to $300 on a new mobo but I want it to be able to be upgraded to a Conroe this year. Must of the news I've seen says i965/975x chipsets support Conroe. I only know for sure 965 will. Should I buy a i975x mobo next month? :confused:
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    THANKS. Thought this had droped like a rock.
    Here's the best (most info)
    According to IDF presentations, Conroe's performance per watt is approximately 5 times as high as in Northwood and Prescott processors, and 3-3.5 times as high as in the dual core Smithfield. Hence we can draw a rough estimate that its advantage in terms of absolute performance will be 2.5-fold (two processors versus one) and 1.5-fold (two versus two). That is each CPU core inside Conroe (3 GHz) will be 1.25-1.5-times as fast as Pentium 4 Prescott (3.2-3.8 GHz).

    And this one says 955/975 work
    However, Conroe, which will arrive in the second half of next year, is expected to be twice as powerful as Presler. Conroe will use the new Intel architecture unveiled Tuesday, which emphasizes power savings over clock speed.
    Conroe will work with the chipsets designed for Presler and will be able to take advantage of new technologies such as virtualization and Intel's Active Management Technology (AMT) right away, Bryant said.

    This is just another thread with those links

    And read this here, very cool!
    Thats why a posted this here.
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    Nice info!!!....very nice!!!...well well my friend... seems like I'm getting the Asus P5WD2-E Premium when is back in stock again at Newegg... :hotbounce
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    I think I'm with you, but that Intel Bad Axe looks good too. Im going to get one in a week or two, with a x1900!!
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    This is where all the rumers are
    Might as well put it in too.

    Lets look at these things in a little greater detail. First is the shared L2, something that debuted with Yonah. This carries forward to Merom, but there are some important differences. Since it was not an addition to the architecture, but there from the first day, you can make assumptions based on it. One of those is a direct L1 to L1 link to cut down the time needed to snoop the cache. Since it cuts out two L2s and a bus traversal, it can cut the time down to one third of what it took the 'old way'. It may not do much between sockets, that is what some of the Blackford chipset enhancements are for, but it will make a significant difference.

    So even if the i975 motherboards work there will be a big advantage with the i965 chipset.
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