New IDE HD in Acomdata 509 case not recognized by any of 4 different computers

By gunste24
Mar 19, 2014
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  1. Acomdata (Model 509) with WD 1600 AAJB drives installed.
    System: Dell Optiplex 740 with Windows XP-Home, Acomdata driver installed.
    Two identical cases and drives, neither was recognized.
    Objective: to format these brand new IDE drives

    1. Drive configured as Master, Master with Slave and Slave: the only evidence of movement of disk (Pink light) was when installed as slave. As MASTER or Master w/slave No pink LED at any time. Reset as MASTER .

    2. An identical second Acomdata box with a second new WD 1600 AAJB drive behaved exactly the same. It was not recognized in the Dell 740.

    3.Initially, the Device Manager USB list showed a yellow warning for a USB Mass Storage Device. Uninstall and reinstall hardware made no difference. A subsequent repeat of uninstall/reinstall caused the yellow warning to disappear. When the drive was reinstalled, a small screen popped up in the Notification area telling me that new hardware had been found.

    4. My Computer à Open - eventually showed H:\ ( as well as W X Y Z, the card readers). At that time, Device Mgr. USB Mass Storage had no yellow warning any more. Storage à Disk Management did not show H: at that point. An internal inconsistency !!. ----- When I tried to FORMAT from the OPEN drop down menu, H:\ was shown to be inaccessible.

    5. Tried the Acomdata drive system on an iMac and two functioning Sony Vaio PCs
    running Windows 7. None could see the external drive.

    6. Microsoft and other sites had all the same ineffective directions for taking care of the Code 10 Cannot start this device. (MS blamed it on a 1394 device in one place!! Nothing to do with a 1394 device).

    7. No one mentioned anything about how the HD should be set up, while Acomdata’s instructions were to set it up as a Master, which I did.

    8. After spending several hours on this with these two new (WD1600 AAJB) drives and two Acomdata cases no success.--- Contacted WD support for help via E-mail. They responded that they do not support the drives unless directly connected to the mother board. [ I.e. they did not know or have any idea either].
    9. Searching the Internet, the problem shows up very frequently for many people, regardless or PC make or Windows OS.
    *** When I first acquired the Acomdata case, it worked OK. I actually installed Windows XP – pro on it with some files. That drive is not recognized either in that case any more. (Different PC ?!)
  2. gunste24

    gunste24 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 39

    Addendum: One of the drives is in a 509 Combo case, so I tried the 1394/Firewire connection.
    Result: with the 1394 connection, the PC hung up during booting at the Windows screen.
    Checked the BIOS and it looked ok. Safe mode booted OK, but the drive was not visible in My Computer-->Open; Device Manger, or in My Computer--> Manage-->Disk Management.

    There seems to be no way to recognize this case or its USB only 2nd unit.
    I cannot believe that both Acomdata cases developed defects in storage.

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