New lighting technology uses nanoparticles to mimic daylight in any environment

Shawn Knight

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A new breakthrough in lighting promises to deliver natural-looking artificial daylight for the first time. Where previous advancements have focused on things like color temperature, this new technology developed by Paolo di Trapani at the University of Insubria focuses on...

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Sounds cool, I would see this as a cool device for people who need light like this during the night. For instance, people who work shifts only at night could then use this to make it feel more alive. Plus if nothing else its a cool addition to any modern house.
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John Pombrio

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You still will have issues with color temperature and CRI. To truly mimic daylight, the "white" LED will need to be 5-6000 K and have a broad spectrum CRI. Using a muddy 2700K LED will look like a sunset all the time.