New member my emachines T1090 is recognizing the usb as ethernet

By ravenworth
Feb 7, 2005
  1. I am a new member interested in 3D and for this reason I changed from dialup to dsl. My Broadband (verizon) says I am connected however I kept getting disconnected and as they helped me try to find a solution we found that my emachine T1090 is recognizing the usb with an ethernet ip address.. When i did the install it said my computer was suppose to be able to use either usb or etherent, however, I could not find anywhere to plug in the cable using etherent so followed the instructions for doing as usb including all the drivers needed as so forth. Things seemed great.. at first, the speed is great, and is so good to be able to use the phone and puter at same time :) but I keep disconnecting, I was told to contact puter manufacture. My computer is past the warantee I did not wish to pay $20 for each tech question, can someone please tell me if emachines T1090 has both usb and ethernet options? verizon told me if the ethernet card was installed correctly it should be able to plug in ... how that can be when i do not see an area that fits the ethernet cord i havent a clue...
    I am wondering if I need to reformat my computer, but I do not want to go to all that trouble if it is something simplier, Is there is some setting that needs to be reset to make the computer recognize the usb connection as usb and not ethernet connection? because that is what he trouble is,, although the computer is hooked up with the blue usb cable in the proper usb plug .. the computer continues to show an etherent ip address .. and verizon says that is causing the conflict or reason it disconnects.
    Any help shall be appreciated greatly :)
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