New Mobo wont start, light is on, Reviving old pc

By logglogy
Aug 1, 2016
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  1. Hi, before reading I just want you to know that this is my first post

    So this is what happened. The company I work with wanted to throw all the IT "garbage" they had tru years of work. So I asked can I take it and they give it to me for free. I found 5 old pcs, one pc case I will use for modding, 2 new psu (one psu WAS worth 70$ and I figured what is the problem), 5 hdds (1 not working), 2 lcd monitors with speakers (those square ones, one is working 100%), one 22 inch (I think) not working and not used new monitor. 2 GREAT graphic cards one of them is the nvidia gforce 8800 ultra AND I got couple old working mobos and a NEW MOBO that didnt work from beginning.

    The new mobo is showing green light when I plug in the psu (the psu is working properly, tried on another pc) I tried to start it via different powerbutton, removing processor but still nothing. At the moment I dont have Ram to try with it, but is ram necesary just to start a mobo? Can I start it without the processor and ram ? I googled many forums and threads and watched a lot of youtube videos but I cant figure out how to make it. I can fix the monitor and the psu I would really love to fix this mobo. ANY advice you give I will accept if you want me to take some pics and put it here say :)

    Thank you for reading and please keep in mind that this is my first post | here are some pics :)
    This is the case I will use for modding (I love it)
    1 (1).
    this is all the stuff I got, I put it in my basement (to the right side is my small gym I am showing off and the tires of my mercedes xD)
    1 (2).

    This is the first pc I tried and its working I used the mp4 to test the speaker of monitors :D 1 (3).
  2. Cycloid Torus

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    Orderly use of search will yield treasures..
    these days, almost every piece of equipment has support from a manufacturer's website.

    So, research every piece, locate manufacturer, follow into 'support' and download the manual (or users' guide for lesser pieces). Read the instructions for use - and for motherboards, follow the instructions for installation.

    Some of this equipment may be pretty old. Thermal paste is used to conduct heat from a working part like a CPU or GPU through to its heat sink and may need to be renewed. The heatsink needs to be clean as well and if it has a fan that needs to work as well.

    You asked a question about starting a specific motherboard - and I am not sure as it may depend on the motherboard, what BIOS is on the motherboard, etc. Please look up the manual or report the specifics about the motherboard (maker, model, version is required).

    I do recommend Computer Hope for step by step troubleshooting of various problems.

    Fill us in as to how it goes for you.

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